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Detox drinks: natural cleansing of the body

In anticipation of the summer, many continue to selflessly fight with excess weight and improve the shape. To enhance the effect of the diets in the course are all sorts of techniques to cleanse the body.

Svekolynaya therapy

In recent years, an unprecedented popular detox drinks.

What is it, what are they made from? These are cocktails made from natural ingredients that help to remove toxins, toxins, and other food waste from the body. According to nutritionists, beets are one of the most effective products in this regard. This root crop improves the digestive system and contributes to its complex cleansing. To prepare a detox drink, mix the juice of 1 beet, 2 apples and 4 stalks of celery. Such a vitamin mix is ​​recommended to be taken on an empty stomach and before meals, 100 ml. If necessary, it can be diluted with water or add 1 tsp. honey. Green harmony

The benefits of green vegetables are recognized by many scientists. In particular, their ability to remove toxins and toxins from the body, protect the liver from heavy metal salts and pesticides. Cabbage juice is of particular value. The compounds of sulfur, iodine and chlorine contained in it cleanse the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. Organic acids improve digestion, improve protein metabolism and slow down the absorption of harmful carbohydrates. A decent pair of cabbage will make an avocado. It contains L-carnitine, which burns subcutaneous fat and speeds up metabolism. To prepare a detox drink, mix 200 g of cabbage leaves, 3 small inflorescences of broccoli and 150 g of avocado pulp, add a chopped bunch of spinach, blend in mashed potatoes and add 50 ml of water.

Apple Elixir

The pectins contained in apples improve bowel function and fight free radicals

Apples are equally effective in cleansing the digestive tract. And this is entirely due to the pectins they contain. These organic substances improve the functioning of the intestines, fight free radicals, remove toxins and toxins, and at the same time prevent the formation of kidney stones. Peel a large apple, cut into slices, pour 500 ml of boiling water, then add 1 tsp to the cooled drink. honey, 2-3 sticks of cinnamon. By the way, this spice enhances the cleansing effect due to the fact that it activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. Let the drink brew for 20-30 minutes, filter, and you can drink it throughout the day.    

Lemon purity

Vitamin C makes slags and toxins water-soluble, and they are completely washed out with excess fluid.

Lemon also helps the body to purify itself. Vitamin C makes the slag and toxins water soluble, and they are completely washed away with excess fluid. In addition, with the regular use of this citrus, the blood vessels become more elastic and durable. The recipe for a detox drink based on a lemon, also known as hydromel, does not require any special tricks. Fill a glass of warm water 2 st. L. Lemon juice, add 1 tsp. Natural honey and a pinch of grated ginger. Remember that the water temperature should exceed 40 ° C, otherwise the detox will be absolutely useless. To enhance the effect, you can add a pinch of red pepper.

Berry cheerfulness

Add more berries to the smoothie, because they have a diuretic effect and saturate the body with antioxidants

Fruit and vegetable smoothies are another powerful weapon for cleansing the body. Their main advantage lies in the fact that vitamins and trace elements contained in fresh fruits are preserved when cooked in full. Add more berries in smoothies, because they have a diuretic effect and saturate the body with antioxidants. Mix in a blender for ½ cup black currant, raspberries and strawberries, half a banana, 1 tsp. Linseed oil and a piece of ginger root. Pour the ingredients ½ cup of natural yogurt and beat. Such detox-cocktail will be a delicious healthy breakfast, if you add 2 art. L. oatmeal.

Root of health

Ginger drink stimulates digestion, triggers metabolic processes and removes excess fluid

Ginger is a faithful ally of all who dream of getting rid of extra pounds as quickly as possible. It stimulates digestion, triggers metabolic processes and removes excess fluid. And also this miracle root removes cramps in the stomach and has a general restorative effect. Cut off 3-5 cm of ginger root, clean and cut into thin plates. Fill them with a liter of boiling water, cook on low heat for 10 minutes and strain. Strengthen the cleaning properties can be with a slice of lemon, a pinch of cinnamon or red pepper. Natural honey will help to shade the taste. Such a spicy detox is drunk on 100-150 ml on an empty stomach and before eating.

Grass energy

Herbal teas cleanse the intestines of toxins, have a choleretic and diuretic effect

The rating of detox drinks would be incomplete without teas, primarily herbal. They clean the intestines of slags, have a choleretic and diuretic effect, favorably affect the nervous system and improve the complexion. There are many recipes for herbal teas. We bring to your attention one of them. Mix in equal proportions dry herbs of chamomile, St. John's wort, immortelle, leaves of strawberries and birch buds. We take 2 st. L. Obtained herbal collection, pour it 500 ml of boiling water in a thermos bottle and leave to insist on the night. In day it is necessary to drink on 100 ml of a grassy broth for half an hour before meal.

Do not forget, before you seriously engage in cleansing the body detox drinks, you must consult with your doctor and pick up recipes that will not harm your health. 

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