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The name "aphrodisiac" has long been familiar to our ears, but the properties attributed to them, is still shrouded in a veil of mystery. Truth and fiction related to afrodizikami - in the material of Oleg Vladimirov.

Substances stimulating or enhancing sexual desire and sexual activity - aphrodisiacs - got its name after the Greek goddess. Everything seems logical, but for some reason we forget that many faces Aphrodite in its various guises has been not only the goddess of love, but also the dark goddess. Many recognized aphrodisiac, too, has its downside - at best, they provide a psychological effect, and at worst simply increase pressure and may lead to stroke or heart attack ... Even the internationally recognized medical preparations for potency increasing number of contraindications is fantastic!

Even in the dictionary Brockhaus and Efron about aphrodisiacs was written, that "all these means are harmful to health, especially acute and narcotic substances, of which, one must think, in the old days most love drinks consisted." And today scientists consider aphrodisiacs more a part of human history, folklore, and not a medical phenomenon, since there is no scientific evidence that any of them can be used to increase libido.

Nevertheless, aphrodisiacs are still successfully selling goods and because many of them simply selected in the image, similar to the Freudian interpretation of dreams: that which has extension correlates with male sexuality, and that which has volume - with feminine. Well, okay - we eat bananas, it's good that they aren't umbrellas! And cabbage for breast augmentation? Rather, to increase abdominal gas ...

Others are considered aphrodisiacs such as of a similar physiological action - From the legendary poisonous blister flies, irritating urinary organs to warming spices (because they result in sweating that occurs during sex, thus stimulating and everything related to sex!). And here is the phenomenon of mystical thinking by analogy: Rabbit - fertile and sexually active animal, it means to achieve the same rabbit eat all kinds of ...

Well, the main elixir of love - alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always uplifting, many people act overwhelmingly - pharmacologists generally attributed to alcohol depressants. Should we rely on such an aphrodisiac?

And if you go back to the definition of aphrodisiacs, you will find another discrepancy: they are seen as "a substance that stimulates or increases libido or sexual activity", and yet desire and activity - are two different things !!! Rather, we should talk about libido. How many times we have seen a student with a whisper instead of voice and quite dull eyes and a lively pensioner, to which all interested and "life is good and live well", although he almost on a wheelchair to move around and, that look, crumble from disrepair ... Although not moved he's on his wheelchair and worn. This pensioner's all right with the love of life, although his sexual potency had forgotten to bother.

Libido stimulate (or pretend!) Will not work, no one, and that all was well with potency, and attraction, it is necessary to maintain your physical and mental condition at least at the minimum acceptable level. And here's the real present aphrodisiacs! "Remember: clean clothes is pure reason! If you have to order the hair and teeth, you all right! "- Good phrase! And not Osho aka Rajneesh, a guru and not the other, and a great musician Dzheymc Brown said a long time ago.

Remember the words Dzheymsa Brown and keep yourself in good health and spirits - only this will save your libido, which in the days of psychoanalysis base meant primarily interest and love for life! As far as aphrodisiacs, then, if desired, they include a huge number of products - their "magical" quality is actually explained by a high content of vitamins and minerals. Oysters, for example, a zinc source, necessary for increasing testosterone levels in the blood and improve the quality of semen.

Significantly more potent means of a lunch or dinner prepared by a loving partner and beautifully served. Perhaps this is the best aphrodisiac, which is necessary to you - and Valentine's Day, and in daily life!

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