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Gaggenau: ovens, steamers 400 series with a "Suvid"

Ovens today are capable of much, and some of them are even ready to compete with the best chefs in the world. However, always worth remembering that the true skill of cooking is to cook, not only tasty, but also healthy food.

This was taken care of by the specialists of the leading German brand of premium household appliances Gaggenau, who present the Suvid technology in the 400 series combined oven-steamers. Suvid is a method of cooking in a vacuum, the main task of which is to control the heating of the oven chamber within low temperatures. (no higher than 85 ° C) with an accuracy of one degree. Cooking with Gaggenau

Together with a special drawer for vacuuming, Gaggenau ovens of the 400 series create perfectly cooked, flavorful and juicy dishes from meat, fish or vegetables due to precise control over temperature and time.

Creating great dishes at home will not be difficult: all you need to do is to put fresh food and spices in a special package for vacuuming, the air from which will be removed automatically. Then simply place the bag in the oven and set the desired temperature.

The advantages of the “Suvid” method are difficult to overestimate - it allows you to save not only the rich taste and aroma of the products, but also all the useful substances: vitamins and trace elements. As a result, light fats are perfectly preserved in fish and meat, and a crunchy structure in fruits and vegetables. In addition, now for the preparation of these culinary masterpieces is not required to constantly monitor the process - a uniform warm-up will ensure perfect baking. Another advantage is that when the temperature is low, the dishes never dry out and do not burn. This result cannot be achieved with traditional methods of cooking at high temperatures.

And finally, another advantage is the ability to pre-plan the menu and prepare the dishes for a few days ahead: just pack the ingredients into vacuum bags and freeze, which will keep the food fresh for a long time, and then get them at the right time and cook in the oven with Suvid function.

We think over the menu and enjoy the taste of dishes.

"Suvid" really gives amazing results, unattainable with any other technology, and opens up tremendous opportunities for experimentation and creativity - even an ordinary egg cooked according to the "Suvid" method at 65 ° C will become a true gastronomic discovery, and a classic steak will give completely new flavors impression.

In addition to the revolutionary technology of cooking in a vacuum, Gaggenau 400 series ovens do a great job with all the traditional tasks of the oven, and also have a number of unique characteristics. Here, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: the combination of steam and hot air makes it possible not only to steam, but also to bake, stew, roast, and even speed up the fermentation process, which is necessary, for example, to make homemade yogurt. And with the consequences of any culinary experiments, especially those related to cooking meat, the function of automatic pyrolytic cleaning will cope, thanks to which, under the influence of high temperature, even the most persistent dirt and grease will be removed.

The Gaggenau 400 series is not only an example of technical excellence, but also an unsurpassed style. The minimalism of the lines, combined with the thoughtfulness of every detail, makes Gaggenau household appliances a real work of art, and the brevity of the forms allows it to be embedded both horizontally and vertically, depending on the design of the kitchen space. With Gaggenau 400 ovens, outstanding culinary achievements are easy!  

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