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Needle for slimming

The desire to lose weight today it seems so natural that sometimes becomes associated with the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. However, there ways to do good and whether they lead to success? On whether it is possible to get rid of extra kilos with the help of acupuncture, Irina Karev figured out the doctor-neurologist, PhD, Head of Scientific-Medical Center "Sofiatriya" Victor Cossa.

Victor now offer a variety of clinics services for women who want to lose weight. How to evaluate their safety and efficacy?

- A technique that enables to move the weight down, really a lot. But the doctor, who adjusts the weight must first understand why there was weight gain. The causes of excess weight, there may be several: a genetic predisposition, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders in the body, or even banal overeating. And if a doctor knows the cause of weight gain, it is easier to adjust.

One of such techniques is often called reflexologytherapy - as an entirely burdensome for the patient "Slimming" means. Is acupuncture can help solve obesity problems?

- If a patient with a pain in the back is addressing me and I need to lose weight for his treatment, I certainly try to help him lose weight and with the help of reflexotherapy. In the auricle and on the human body there are such points, influencing which you can increase the metabolism in the body, make the pancreas produce more enzymes, stimulate the intestine, improve the choleretic - and all this will lead to a decrease in body weight. You can also work on fatty tissue (usually the abdomen and thighs) homeopathy: the doctor splits problem areas in certain formulations, literally several injections - and the person sees that the volume goes away. All this is very important to combine with psychotherapy: the doctor gives the installation, the person gets into his medical aura and the process is started.

It turns out that people lose weight with little effort?

- No, it's not so simple, in any case, you have to work hard. I teach my patients breathing exercises in the abdomen, which also help to lose weight. In addition, proper posture is needed, because if we sit slouching, fat accumulates on the sides and abdomen, and if the person has the right posture, the energy in his body circulates correctly and fat is not delayed. In addition, if you are determined to lose weight, you need physical exercises, for each person they can be their own: someone likes to swim in the pool, someone is helped by jogging, and someone prefers yoga. Also helps to lose weight mineral water containing calcium and magnesium ions.

That is to lose weight will not just reflexology, and a set of procedures?

- Yes, and they are selected individually. Therefore, before starting to work with a patient, I talk to him, then we take blood for analysis, if necessary, do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and develop a plan for further actions. During the conversation, I understand what exactly is suitable for this patient, because it happens that a person is in ideal physical shape and he simply does not have any need to dramatically lose weight.

How to determine if there is no extra weight or have you got?

- There are many formulas which can calculate your ideal weight, but most of all I like the formula Bongard, because it takes into account bone width in it: it is necessary to measure the volume of the breasts in men, and for women the volume under the breast, multiplied by your height and divide by 240. And if you are not satisfied with the result obtained, then forward, it's time to start working on yourself!

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