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Carbon Diet "for" and "against"

In recent years, a list of popular people in the weight loss methods has expanded coal diet. Basically it is a little different from other weight loss systems, except for the main element - activated carbon.

Coal cleaning

Benefits and harms of coal diet is the subject of heated debate its supporters and opponents. To find the truth, you must understand the basic principles of this technique.

Since ancient times, activated carbon has been considered an effective means of treating poisoning and purifying the body. Previously, coal was obtained by burning various types of fruit trees, as well as birch. Further, it was exposed to steam at very high temperatures. Today, coal is treated with a chemical method - a mixture of certain salts. The essence of this does not change. Activated carbon acquires a porous structure and powerful absorbent properties. Due to what he actively absorbs and removes from the body toxic substances, products of processing, pathogenic organisms, excess fluid, etc.

Taking activated carbon, we start the process of cleansing the intestines from the accumulated food "garbage". As a result, metabolic processes are being established, for the implementation of which the body needs more energy. He gets it, including through the burning of fat cells, set aside. Thus, the main benefit of the coal diet is that the body is freed from harmful substances that interfere with its normal functioning. In the shortest possible time, metabolism is established and an optimal balance is reached between the food consumed and the energy consumed. As a result, the desired weight loss occurs.  

A complex approach

To maximize the impact of the coal diet, it is important to comply with the basic principles of healthy eating. It is necessary to drink at least two liters of boiled water per day. The rest give preference unsweetened tea, coffee or kefir. The diet should prevail animal and vegetable protein, is well nourishes the body, but not deposited in the form of fat cells. But fried, fatty, salty foods, meats, as well as pastries and all kinds of sweets, the menu should be categorically excluded.

The carbon diet for weight loss, or rather the intake of activated carbon tablets, occurs according to a certain scheme. On the first day, three tablets are drunk, and one more is added every subsequent day. The maximum dose is calculated from the proportion: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. That is, if your weight is 80 kg, you stop increasing the amount of activated charcoal as soon as it reaches 8 tablets per day. Then you take a fixed amount of charcoal for another 5 days. There is also a simpler scheme - 10 tablets of activated carbon per day for ten days. Of course, it is advisable to divide such a large dose into several doses. If you follow one of these methods, as well as the principles of healthy eating, you can lose up to two kilograms of body weight in 5-6 days.

Diet without fanaticism

As extra pounds go away with the slag, rejection of activated carbon and their return is inevitably accompanied by weight gain

Is coal diet harmful? Many doctors answer this question affirmatively and warn those who are keen on this system beyond measure. After all, activated carbon, along with harmful compounds, “pulls” useful substances that the body badly needs. Excess activated carbon is fraught with intestinal obstruction, multi-day constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Among other things, hypovitaminosis often develops, in which the body is difficult to absorb nutrients. That is why it is recommended to use a coal diet for no longer than ten days in a row with an interval of six months. 

There is one important nuance. Because the extra weight go together with slag, non-activated carbon, and their return is inevitably accompanied by weight gain. Often, a considerably greater amount. Of course, coal diet has contraindications. It is prohibited for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since it can provoke relapses. Not recommended for such a diet, and those who accept contraceptives and other medicines because of their effect in this case is useless.

Coal diet, like any other, will not help attain the figure of your dreams without complying with the general principles of a healthy diet. Rather, it is a preventive measure that helps to "reset" the body and bring it into the tone.

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