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Garden all year round Vegetables and herbs on the windowsill

Do you want your home never to have your favorite vegetables? There is nothing easier. Arrange on the balcony or windowsill garden in miniature. About what vegetables and greens can be grown at home - in our article.

  Green favorite

Cucumbers are ideal for growing vegetables at home. But only if these are seeds of self-pollinated varieties, such as "Mashenka", "Brownie Kuzya" or "Marinda". The growing container must be spacious, at least 5 liters, and with holes in the bottom. We fill it with drainage, moistened soil and plant seeds. Remember, cucumbers drink a lot of water, are afraid of drafts and love warmth. Just don't overheat them above 20-25 ° C. Did you notice the first 10-12 leaves? Cut off the top, otherwise you will be left without a crop.

The sun in the window

Seeds can be planted in large boxes or in plastic bottles without a neck

Tomatoes are another vegetable that is easy to grow at home. Here we give preference to dwarf varieties that are tolerant of lack of light: "baby", "hummingbird" or "balcony miracle". The seeds can be planted both in large boxes and in plastic bottles without a neck. The main thing is to feed them more often, moisten the soil, but do not overdo it with watering. Tomatoes feel most comfortable at temperatures of 23–25 ° C. When the first fruits become heavy, tie the branches so that they do not break.

Bow and arrows

As soon as the green arrows extend 25-30 cm, boldly cut them

What vegetables can you grow at home with cucumbers and tomatoes? Green onions, which are easiest to get from onions. The most productive are multi-primordial varieties, like "Rostov" or "Spassky". Before planting, fill the bulbs with hot water overnight, then remove the husks and trim the tops a little. We plant the bulbs at a distance of 1–2 cm from each other, without deepening into the soil. Make sure the temperature does not exceed 18–20 ° C. As soon as the green arrows are 25–30 cm long, cut them off boldly.   

Sweet traffic light

First, seeds of sweet pepper sprout in plastic cups

Bell peppers are a vegetable that is not at all burdensome to grow at home. Will help in this varieties "treasure island" or "Winnie the Pooh". First, we germinate them in plastic cups. When 6–7 leaves appear, we transplant the peppers into a ceramic container with a volume of 4–5 liters. Do not forget to water and spray the seedlings regularly, treat them for aphids once a week and keep the temperature no higher than 25 ° C. We remove the ripe fruits immediately - there should be no more than 4 peppers on the stems. 

Beauty is sitting on the windowsill

Unpretentious and prolific mini-varieties of carrots "Parmex", "Sophie" or "granddaughter" - the most successful choice

What vegetables can be grown at home on the windowsill besides this? You may be surprised, but these are carrots. The unpretentious and prolific mini-varieties "parmex", "sophie" or "granddaughter" are the most successful choice. Growing containers must be deep so that the roots have room to grow. Carrots are very thermophilic, but wither away from direct sunlight. The optimum temperature range is from 15 to 25 ° C. Water it more often and do not get carried away with fertilizers, otherwise you will get tops instead of root crops.

Queen of greens

Parsley should be kept in a cool place until sprouts appear.

Can you grow greens at home? You can, and very different. First of all, we need parsley. The fastest way is to grow it from mature roots weighing 30–60 g, always with a bud at the top. We plant them in a pot or box, sprinkle the tops of the heads with soil and water them abundantly. It is better to keep the parsley in a cool place until sprouts appear. Greenery that has broken through needs more heat and light, ideally 20–25 ° C. To keep the bushes lush, water them moderately and often.

Good salad

Cut a small amount of greens as watercress will quickly fade

Making your own watercress is a great way to teach kids how to grow greens at home on the windowsill, and at the same time show them a little miracle of nature. This is one of the most unpretentious herbs, so failure is almost impossible. The main thing is to keep the watercress at a temperature no higher than 18 ° C and moderate shade. Regularly moisten the soil and the air around - and after 2-3 weeks the first crop will appear in your balcony garden. Cut off some of the greens as the watercress withers quickly.

Young, green and tasty

The salad loves an abundance of light, therefore, on cloudy days, additional illumination will not hurt

Juicy lettuce is quite capricious. So the question of how to grow greens at home here needs to be approached competently. The salad loves an abundance of light, so on cloudy days additional lighting will not hurt. At the same time, it is painfully tolerant of drought. The heat leaves the leaves tough and bitter. Try not to overheat them above 25 ° C. And shoots must be constantly thinned out - the first time a week after their appearance. Without this, the leaves will weaken and wither. 

Gourmet seasoning

Keep the soil always moist. And the basil needs a lot of heat and light.

What greens can be grown at home as a great seasoning for any meal? Basil is just one of them. The fastest way to grow it is from fresh shoots. Soak them for 2 weeks in water, then transplant them into a pot of expanded clay and soil. Basil will grow from seeds much longer, but the bush will be thicker, and you can use it more than once. Keep the soil moist at all times. Basil also needs a lot of heat and light. The optimum temperature for it is 20-25 ° C.

To grow greens at home all year round, as well as vegetables, you do not need to be a good gardener. Elementary care, a little patience, a bit of care - and soon you can be proud of your own harvest. 


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