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Of course, everyone who is faced with the problem of excess weight really wants to lose weight as quickly as possible. However, when it comes to physical activity, then excessive haste can lead to sad consequences.

Many losing weight literally rush to all the simulators in the fitness club, thinking that the more intense the workout, the faster the weight will go away.

This is an erroneous opinion. The load must be dosed taking into account the state of the cardiovascular system.

The most correct is to be examined to make sure that you do not have serious health problems.

Big loads, like “hungry” diets, are a tremendous stress for the body! First of all, lactic acid is deposited in the muscles, immunity is reduced.

Therefore, if you decide to go to the gym tomorrow and start exercising on the simulators from scratch, it is better to abandon this idea. The body first needs to adapt to the load. And do not think that you will lose weight faster if you dramatically increase the load. Usually, up to 40-45 years, rarely anyone thinks about the state of the cardiovascular system. And if you are 30 years old, then talking about atherosclerosis may be irrelevant. However, there is still a danger of inflammatory vein diseases. In this case, uncontrolled physical activity is contraindicated.

Take care of yourself!

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