Ice cream for my granddaughters.

I loved ice cream all my life. I thought it made cool experts at the level of God. But only in old age I learned to do it. Understand the principle of cooking through mistakes and damage to raw materials. I now know how to make the most diverse ice cream. With any fillers, but most of all I like with a banana filler. For beginners sweet teeth and for my granddaughters (when they are younger). I leave my childhood recipe, which I found in the internet.

The name ice cream ice cream comes from the French city Plombières-les-Bains (Plombières-les-Bains), where they began to prepare this dessert during the reign of Napoleon III. But really cult delicacy has become in the USSR. Perfect recipe, unforgettable taste!

In that ice cream there was not a drop of chemistry, not a single artificial thickener and preservative. Only natural milk! Price ranged from 9 cop. for the usual dairy (from it, by the way, they made the famous milkshake) to 28 cop. for "Gourmet", for which due to the high cost of all the line was not lined up.

With the collapse of the Union, the post-Soviet space was swept by a wave of cheap imported products of obviously chemical origin. At first it was a wonder, but then it quickly came to an understanding: not that!

The taste of fresh fatty milk is the main feature of the Soviet ice cream. Find the one among the variety of modern products is almost impossible. Only one thing remains - to prepare the ice cream at home and nostalgic for a carefree childhood.

Ingredients total xnumx:
Condensed milk200 g Cream 500 ml 33% and you can taste a pinch of vanilla sugar.

Half an hour before the start of cooking, cool in a freezer a bowl in which you will shake up the mass, and the mixer beaters. A better bag of cream on 500g put in the freezer for 15 minutes. I know from experience that I don’t squeeze out more 450 from the package. Pour chilled cream into the prepared dishes. And add up to full weight 50 g of milk. Beat at high rpm for 5 – 7 minutes. (I usually beat the 3 minutes, but it depends on the power of the mixer) whipped cream. When the cream becomes thick enough, pour a condensed milk in a thin stream. Beat for a minute at low speed.

The second option is also tested. - Mix the condensed milk and cream with a mixer on small scales, and beat during the 3 minutes. It is difficult to load such a whipped mixture into an ice cream machine, it is better to unload it in a cage and put it in the freezer for 5 hours.

Mix the condensed milk and cream into a freezer. Pre-frozen in the freezer for more than 8 hours. And start mixing the mass of 30 minutes. When ready, the ice cream maker will give a distinctive sound. Spread the mass in pre-cooked cups. Or the form with a wafer sheet. Send all freezer to 4 – 6 hours.

The taste of the Soviet ice cream at home, as a basic form of cooking. Over time, you can improvise

Tip: use the cream of the highest fat content, and if instead of the usual condensed milk take boiled, get ice cream a la creme brulee.

You will learn the taste of the original French dessert, if you make it according to our simple recipe.

Prepare, please relatives, and do not forget to share your impressions in the comments!

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