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Liquid gold: ten most useful oils for health

Vegetable oil - a delicious addition to a variety of dishes and a valuable product that is known for healing properties. What is the oil most useful for your health? We investigated together.

Olives for irresistibility

Among vegetable oils for health, olive has a special place. It is called the main secret of the Mediterranean diet. It has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems, makes hair, skin and nails beautiful. How to drink olive oil for health? The most effective way to take on 1 – 2 tsp. oil on an empty stomach, washing it down with a glass of warm water for 30 minutes before a meal. During the month you will experience a very pleasant change.  

Flax for hair health

With frequent use of a mask with linseed oil, the hair will stop falling out, will be strong and shinyFlaxseed health and beauty oil - the most important element. This assured his fans. In support, they offer a recipe for anti-aging masks. Mix 1 Art. l. oil with egg yolk and 1 Art. l. lemon juice, causes a lot of on face for 20 minutes. Here is another recipe with linseed oil - for healthy hair. Putting in equal proportions flaxseed, burdock and castor oil, slightly warmed, rubbed into the scalp and leave for an hour. If you use hair mask will cease to fall, will be strong and shiny.

Peanuts for smooth skin  

Very useful peanut butter for face skinThe beneficial properties of peanut butter can be listed forever. It strengthens the heart, improves immunity, improves kidney function, protects the nervous system from overload. Peanut butter is very useful for the skin of the face. Mix by 1 tsp. butter, chopped walnuts and applesauce. Gently rub the mask into the skin and leave for 20 minutes. With acne and black spots, this procedure is a real salvation.  

Walnut for healing

Walnut oil is often buried in the ears for otitis media.Walnut oil is considered one of the best oils for health. It normalizes the thyroid gland, it is useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis, has wound-healing effect. To experience the benefits of walnut oil for health, take it on 1 hours. L. half an hour before eating, not drinking anything. Walnut oil is often buried in the ear with otitis. And they smeared abrasion, scratches and cuts.

Cedar against cancer

The use of cedar oil is also indicated for anemia, liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, digestive disordersMany oils are used in folk medicine for oncology. Cedar oil is just one of them. To achieve positive results, 30 3 drops are taken once a day, half an hour before meals. Consumption of cedar oil is also indicated for anemia, liver diseases, diabetes, digestive disorders, psoriasis and eczema. In addition, the oil normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels.   

Mustard for pain

Mustard oil is recommended for the treatment of respiratory and fungal diseases, the prevention of colds and flu, hair strengtheningThe healing properties of mustard oil make it a real health elixir. It is recommended for the treatment of respiratory and fungal diseases, the prevention of colds and flu, strengthen hair and nails. Recipes with mustard oil helps in arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica. Mix on 50 g butter, dry camphor and alcohol 3 egg whites. The resulting mass is rubbed into aching joints, wrapped a woolen scarf and leave overnight.

Sesame for Women's Health

For a healing effect, you need to take 1 tbsp. l fasting and bedtime oilsProponents of a healthy diet believe that the most useful herbal health oil - sesame. After all, it stimulates the pancreas to work and eliminate toxins. for women's health is especially useful sesame oil. Thanks to him, slowing the aging of cells, PMS occurs painlessly, reducing the risk of breast cancer. For health effects need to be taken by 1 Art. l. oil on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

Ginger for mom

Ginger oil is added to cosmetic masks and shampoos.It is gaining popularity and the oil from the seeds of Camelina - herbaceous plant cabbage family. It is said that during pregnancy camelina oil is indispensable, as is establishing hormonal balance and helps the body recover faster after childbirth. Nursing mothers It also will benefit. How to use camelina oil? In its pure form it drink 1-2 hours. L. on an empty stomach. And oil is added to cosmetic masks and shampoos.

Pumpkin for Male Power

Pumpkin seed oil helps with kidney and bladder problems, periodontitis and stomatitis, food poisoning and a hangoverPumpkin oil is used for men's health since ancient times. It is actually well manifested in the treatment of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The pumpkin seed oil is useful in addition to this? It helps in case of problems with the kidneys and the bladder, periodontitis and stomatitis, food poisoning and a hangover. Take the oil should be at 1 hours. L. fasting and eating. But do not heat it, if add in ready meals.

Grapes for slim legs

Effective Slimming Grape Seed OilUseful properties of grape seed oil is also known for a long time. It is used for the prevention of heart attack and stroke, strengthen the mucous and restore intestinal flora. Effectively grape seed oil for weight loss. Mix 30 ml of this oil-10 15 drops of any essential oil. Rub the mixture into the cellulite problem areas special roller or brush for 15 minutes. The result was not long in coming.

And what is the best vegetable oil for health, in your opinion? Which of these oils you keep at home? Share the secrets of their own health and beauty in the comments.

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