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Microwave Samsung: expanding the boundaries of the possible

A modern hostess can not do without obliging high-tech assistants in the kitchen. One of the places of honor on it is always occupied by a microwave oven.

More volume - fewer worries

As you know, there is no limit to perfection, and therefore Samsung presents a new line of microwave ovens.

Their main advantage is an incredibly roomy volume, which increased from 20 to 23 liters, while the external dimensions have not changed much. In addition, the useful area of ​​the chamber has expanded, and now you can freely place a dish with a diameter of up to 388 mm in it. The increased volume of the Samsung oven will be especially enjoyed by large families, as well as those who want to diversify the daily menu with something tasty. In the new microwave, you can bake a whole chicken, make a big tasty pizza or a hearty homemade cake.

Another important advantage is the innovative bioceramic coating. It will eliminate the need for a long and painful cleaning of the inner walls from greasy splashes and other contaminants. The durable smooth coating retains heat well, shortens the cooking time and reliably protects the inner surface from scratches. In addition, it has excellent antibacterial properties and prevents the active reproduction of dangerous bacteria.

Smart technology in your kitchen

The updated function of "AutoMenu" makes the cooking process more convenient and enjoyable. In the extensive menu is collected even more dishes for every taste: 50 recipes for models with grill and 39 - for solo models. You just need to select the desired program and click the "Start" button. All the rest of the work the microwave oven will perform impeccably.

Thanks to an intuitive touchscreen display with function keys, it is a pleasure to control new Samsung furnaces. Buttons "up" and "down" allow in two accounts to find the desired dish in the menu. And then the “smart” oven itself will set the appropriate parameters: select the optimum temperature, power and cooking time. The most commonly used modes, such as “Porridge / Soup”, “Drinks”, “Diet menu”, are indicated on the panel with separate buttons. That is why it is simple and convenient to use such a microwave.    

Any stove from the new line of Samsung is a valuable and indispensable assistant, who will willingly take on some of the household chores. And you will have more free time for yourself. 

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