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Mini-garden. Dreams and Dreams

It is summer, but we all have the opportunity to be in nature often, and so want to after work or on holiday to sit in your own garden! For information on how to fulfill this dream, without leaving the city, says the designer Alice Ponizovskii.

"I want to garden!" - Howled lady friend of mine eight years old. I also want to. Long ago, in the winter. I want to have a garden of such beauty and comfort, so breathtaking, so that everything in it was sweet heart to the birds sang and the sun shone. Well, in my case, everything is simple - open the door and there's your garden. I live outside the city. And I have a garden, and even a piece of the forest with birds. Jay's thieving arrive, every little thing chirps. It is only necessary to push the training work and time to allocate garden, clean up old leaves, weed the weeds and generally clean up the mess. In the meantime, a great deal of work, and no time at all, looking on the internet than to decorate your garden and what would my darling wanted - Manilovism in general.

According to experienced decorators, to create beauty needs a minimum time and a maximum of fantasy, and most importantly - a great desire immediately, this minute to get the result. Believe me, and in a small area of ​​space in a matter of hours, you can create a piece of beauty and merge in ecstasy with nature - even if you do not have land, but only a balcony in the dusty metropolis.

Garden in the pelvis. And what is not a garden? New Hotness live thumbnail conquers more and more city dwellers yearning for the land. In the basin, tub, bucket in construction, in a wheelbarrow, a barrel, a bank. In any capacity, which is at hand. Miniature plants sea bought pots of plants and melkotravchatomu - home, to create a dream garden!

Anything goes - old doll furniture, inherited boxes, pebbles, brought from the sea. The most beautiful stones in the world, found under the noonday sun, collected by the tanned hands of my children, colored, rolled up by the sea, they lie in a box and wait. 

Love bridges? Make a bridge and can be themselves, but you can visit the online hobby shop and buy everything that will attract, without leaving home.

In the drawer out of vegetables is possible to organize mini-lovely garden, in which the beds are, and track and even a scarecrow. And it will grow watercress, alfalfa and other vegetables trifle.

Pots and planters - a classic of the genre, and here you can not limit yourself to just one garden, but buy houses-candlesticks from polyresin, which are sold in most souvenir shops, and build an entire village!

Well, if not a village, then you can afford one small house! 

Or does Mansion?

The variety of forms of planters and flower pots allows you to not limit yourself to just one plane, build a pyramid - tiered mini gardens are beautiful!

Code-it was fashionable in those columns to plant strawberries. We must try a new - this is well forgotten old!

A textured wine bottle found at a flea market and brought home as legal booty can start a new life: 

This exercise requires a bit more knowledge and skills than just a garden in a container, but the result is worth it.

Search the Web awakened my imagination, and is now itching to do, and the legs are ready to carry and look, to buy all that is useful to create a mini-garden of my dreams, because to a large garden where more hands reach, and the little I do warm evening sitting on the balcony. Climb to the loft (as you see in the attic!), And I think two hours become a happy owner of your own garden.

Grandmother enamel basin finally find its place in the world of disposable things. Honored - I think it still washed my diapers - will now decorate my life is. I'm like the girl who, podglyadev the keyhole and lost his head from the beauty of the garden, have about anything other than that, she could not think of!

And for those who also want beauty on the balcony of our master class!

Learn how to create a mini-garden at home, you can read here.

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