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Mini-garden. Master Class

Having found in the attic of an old basin, I began to embody the dream of the garden. To get started, visit the store and came out winner of plants specially grown for a mini-compositions. I buy more universal bag of soil and expanded clay, and still have begged nice guys, trading in the market, stone "with a spark."

With all these treasures, I returned home and developed a hectic activity. I took the doll furniture for my little girls, found a pebble brought from the sea (flat to let the pancakes in the pond, “and there’s no such thing” - the iron argument of my children for increasing the weight of their luggage) . And, spreading everything around her, she began. 

The first thing to do - to drill a hole in the pelvis.

With the help of a cordless drill and drill bits for metal easily and with little effort, I drilled a neat hole 9.

At the bottom of the pelvis pour concrete block. It is needed for drainage.

For the same purpose keramzit sprinkle the top with sand.

And fill the pelvis universal primer. If necessary, the ground can add sand if it is not sufficiently loose and friable. All the pelvis ready to be transformed into a blooming garden!

The plan is a big stone - it is a platform, on which there are table and chairs and steps leading to it. Therefore, under a stone pour sand to raise the level and create a circle.

We spread of pebbles steps. Under it also pour the sand, so that it was against the rules.

To better imagine who and where to grow, I just put potted plants on the ground. To twist, poperestavlyala, find the most successful version, and start planting.

Since the plant, bought me, container, from the planting of difficulties did not exist. Standard procedure: pit - plant - powder. Of course, before landing in a hole it is necessary to pour a granular fertilizer (advertising). On vacant land podseyala watercress. This spicy greens are very small. For me the food is in this situation is not necessary, but very suitable for the creation of a mini-lawn.

Once all planted, could not deny myself the pleasure to immediately put the furniture. 

Old jug came at an opportune moment. 

And the final touch.











Taz with the ground, plus the rocks and plants - design is quite heavy. To the garden could be admired from all sides, put a basin with a tray on a stand with wheels.


Works in the mini-garden is finished, and it spent a total of about 1,5 hours, not counting the trip to the store, and to please you, he will be all summer long!

Enjoy the creations of their hands! Make this garden as a gift to friends and family.

You will need:

Taz, or any other container of appropriate size

Plants for a mini-garden - 5-8 pieces.

Universal Primer - 5 l

Sand - half a bucket

Expanded clay - 1 package

Seeds cress - 1 bag

Stones, doll furniture, houses - to taste

Stand for plants on wheels

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