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Wine cabinet Candy: In vino veritas!

So I thought about buying a wine cabinet, having learned from a French friend that this type of household appliances is quite affordable for a mere mortal. Well, since Italy produces the best wines in the world (for my humble taste), I decided that italians should know what a wine cabinet should be like.

In other words, I trusted the brand Candy and did not lose.

Wine cooler Candy CCVB 60 X impressed me with its spaciousness - you can easily store 12 bottles here. Most importantly, the required humidity is kept in the cabinet, and the temperature is easily set depending on the brand of wine - from 4 to 18 degrees. The manufacturer even took into account the fact that wine bottles with natural cork should only be stored “lying down” for constant wetting of the cork - if it dries up, the bottle will lose its tightness and the wine will turn sour. And how glad I am that there is no food "accompaniment" with which wine usually has to coexist in the refrigerator - no extraneous "aromas" like smoked sausage or fishy smell.

Friends immediately noted the positive changes, appreciating that the taste of my beloved Sauvignon from the vineyards of Alto Adige has become much better thanks to the correct temperature regime. Montan Sauvignon completely revealed to us its exquisite bouquet, in which fresh citrus notes gently intertwined with juiciness of tropical fruits, and the aftertaste pleased with a barely perceptible peppercorn.

It's nice that the manufacturer took care of toning the glass door - otherwise we would not have enjoyed the wine, hopelessly "killed" by sunlight.

Tomorrow we will again enjoy poker, savoring Chardonnay with the chords of quince, mango and sugar melon, keenly aware of the beauty of life and the rightness of the ancient Romans, who believed that the truth is hidden in the wine. Apparently, they had good wine cellars!

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