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Wine Cabinet: art to impress

“Everyone has their own secret of success. But I think there is one general rule - nothing is more important than details. They always catch your eye and create the right impression. However, with an inept approach they are capable of ruining everything.

In business, this principle works flawlessly.

I had a meeting with a potential business partner - I thought about expanding the business and was looking for a partner. The man was serious, sophisticated, in order to interest him, we had to try. I offered to discuss business at dinner in an informal setting and invited him to my home. 

The main trump card was the culinary talent of the spouse - before her masterpieces no one had ever been able to resist. Strengthen the effect of his own collection of elite wines, which he brought from various business trips. These are not in every pathos restaurant you will find. For them, I even bought a special wine cabinet - Candy CCVB 60. An excellent, by the way, thing. Inside, the optimum temperature for wine and fresh air is supplied - a real cellar in miniature.

In general, everything was ready by the appointed time. The guest was welcomed cordially, without long overtures, they began dinner. About five minutes later, to my displeasure, I felt that the conversation was not glued, and there was some tension in the air. While I was trying to understand what was wrong, my wife took a bottle of fine Italian wine from the wine cabinet. Evaluating the brand, the guest revived and told that it was his favorite wine, and at the same time asked what kind of refrigerator I had such an unusual.

Then I felt that I was saddling my favorite skate. With an imperturbable look, I began to explain that this is a special wine cabinet, it maintains an ideal humidity of 65%, so the wine corks are protected from mold. In addition, the cabinet provides for automatic temperature maintenance, - I continued, - if the temperature in the room falls below the permissible limit. And also a special door with a tinted finish, so that the wine is protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. Thanks to all these subtleties, the wine reveals the bouquet better, and it is stored much longer.

The guest was clearly impressed with my story, and his eyes looked respectful. I decided to consolidate the success and added that I specially chose a cabinet with wooden shelves. Firstly, because the tree absorbs the vibration better from the compressor, and secondly, aesthetically beautiful things give me pleasure. In general, with wine, we smoothly switched to other general topics (there were many of them), took a great interest in the conversation and did not even notice how three hours had passed.

At the end of the evening, my guest said that he had not spent so much time sincerely and invited me to the office to discuss the details and sign the contract. I was extremely pleased with myself and immensely grateful to Candy. Indeed, real quality always attracts attention and makes an impression. ”

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