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"The years of family life did not pass for me in vain - the intricate hints of my wife and the secret messages coded in them I learned to recognize very accurately. For the last time, for example, after another general cleaning, she talked with ostentatious melancholy with what difficulty she wiped the greasy spots from the tile to the kitchen.

The instructions for action were ready immediately - the hostess needs a good hood. I sat on various Internet forums and came to the conclusion that Candy would be the best solution, and we will decide on the model in the course of the play. Already in the store, after a short discussion of options, we settled on Candy CBT 6240 X.

We brought, installed and connected it specially trained people, otherwise we figured it out ourselves. With the design of the kitchen, the hood was harmonized in the best way. At least, the delicate sense of the wife's style of flaws did not reveal.

In the extract, too, was at least where. Easy to understand control, decent power, the whole three speeds of work - all quality and convenient, as promised in the store. In addition, the bright uniform illumination pleased, which is important, since the stove is far from the window. Lamps do not heat up and they consume very little energy - he himself checked. Well, everything else, the exhaust is moderately noisy. Perhaps the only household appliance in the house with a sound effect, before which our cat did not flinch.

The first tests of the hot fish and cutlets showed that Candy with its responsibilities to cope fine. No stains on the tiles in the unexpected or difficult places left. also there was no foreign odors. By the way, the grease filter is cleaned easily and quickly. Importantly, do not forget from time to time to do it.

Pleased that the hood works well in the recirculation mode, this is when the cleaned air is blown back into the kitchen. Especially for this purpose, I installed a filter with activated charcoal, which was included in the kit. By the way, these filters are useful to change at least once in 3-4 months, depending on how often the hood is used. Well, wash, of course, at least once a month. This problem is also easily solved by us - the filters are loaded into the dishwasher (only without other utensils) at a temperature of 65 degrees and caressed with a tablet, after which they are removed, already cleaned and ready to work.

In general, I personally did not have any complaints during the entire operation of the hood. And my wife immediately said her approving "Wow!" The thing is really high quality, convenient and irreplaceable in the household. In short, Candy finally convinced me that good technique brings not only benefits, but also pleasure. "

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