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Modern man for the comforts of life is quite enough living conditions - central heating, water, electricity ... But what about the eternal desire for a cozy hearth, which is in every house its own, special and unique?

It's frosty outside, but it's warm and cozy in the house. In the evenings, the family gathers in the living room watching an interesting film, and maybe the evening is reading the fairy tales for the night the smallest? Or cozy gatherings on the couch, spent chatting with a friend on the phone ... Anyway, on these imaginary pictures the hero is one - a fireplace! You can look at the fire endlessly. This helps to relax and pacify after a busy day. And it's doubly nice when you do not even need to approach the hearth to build a fire or throw firewood, because this fireplace is electric, and you can control it without even going up from a comfortable easy chair, just pick up the remote control.

Electrofireplaces burn as brightly as the real thing, creating a realistic and beautiful effect living flame, and at the same time deprived of all the difficulties specific to the wood fire:

- do not require special installation (just plug into an electrical outlet);

- quickly light up and go out (and all this is a click of a button);

- do not need gas pipes and chimneys (you save money and time);

- safe (no open flame, sparks and risk of burns)

- differ in convenience and purity of use (there is neither ash nor soot).

Electric fireplaces can work both with heating, and simply in the decorative lighting mode, allowing you to enjoy the game of flame all year round! A reinforced table tops in some models and the presence of a connector for the output of wires allows you to use the electric fireplace as a functional stand for equipment. There are also models that combine a fireplace and chest of drawers - these will come to the court in the living rooms or children's rooms. Hinged models in the style of hi-tech like young people - in such fireplaces there is a function of listening to music, they can become comfortable shelves for books, and generally give the interior of the youth room chic and style. The choice of models is huge: angular, universal, frontal, wall - absolutely under any space and style of an interior. Do not want a tree? At your service artificial stone. Such a fireplace looks attractive in country houses, demonstrating the style of country.

Modern electric fireplaces are equipped with remote control, automatic maintaining the temperature at a given level, some models allow you to adjust the flame appearance by controlling the process buildup and decay fire by pressing the button for lovers of natural sounds has a function of crackling firewood! Decorative fireplace, in contrast to the fire, when you change the interior can be rearranged at any place. In turn, the portal can also be replaced if it does not fit into the new style of the room.

Select electric heater for the shower on the site of the Russian manufacturer of electric fireplaces ALEX BAUMAN - Here you will find a wide variety of models that differ in style, size, functionality. Service "Designer" will "try on" selected fireplace to the color of the wallpaper. Choose, fantasize, create comfort and give to the heat! Especially now, when the window pop frosts and so want by going into the house, warm up by the fire tender with relatives over a glass of mulled wine!

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