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How to start running?

All people want to look healthy and attractive. Many women sit on a grueling diet or do various operations in beauty salons, but there is a way much easier - running. If you learn how to run properly, it is a lot of fun.

With what to begin?

If you have shoes, you're almost ready for this feat. In fact, nothing more is required to run do not need special skills, because this skill is laid in our blood. If next to your house there is a park or stadium, where you will meet other "runners", and it certainly will increase your motivation. But it is possible to run and on the streets or around the house. It is important to choose a convenient time. If you went out for a run for the first time, intending to run nice and fast, forget about it! To get started, run as you can.

Remember a few simple running rules. If you are panting, then you are running too fast. The thought appears "that's it, I can't take it anymore!" - go to a step, make a few swings with your hands and walk for a while. You will soon be able to continue running. Evaluate your capabilities soberly. It is important to run without scattering your legs behind, like a hare, not to drag them along the ground, so that your knees do not touch while running. Hands should move along the body, then they will help you run smoothly and evenly distribute body weight. Do not expect the result in one week - it will take several months for the body to rebuild. If you follow these easy tips, your running technique will gradually improve, and you will get less tired.

Important in the run - run pleasure. Turn on the player to your favorite music or audiobook and enjoy jogging. After the run home, save a set of stretching exercises and take a shower.

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