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How to help the body during the holidays: instructions for use

The long-awaited and long-lasting holidays are an ordeal for health. Sometimes even a small amount of alcohol has to pay big. How to help the body survive the New Year? Let's talk about this. 

life-giving vitamins

To prepare the body for the feast need to advance, namely the charge of vitamins that help the human body become tipsy without grave consequences, - vitamins B and C. For a couple of days before New Year's Eve lean on grains, beans, green vegetables and nuts. Do not forget about the citrus, potatoes and sauerkraut. What to do to not get drunk in a matter of minutes? There are a couple of days before the event more seaweed, shellfish and feijoa. Available in them iodine increases the production of hormones that oxidize alcohol.

Overwhelming power

It is recommended to drink coal with water a couple of hours before the first glass and after the feast at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight

What to take before the feast, so as not to get drunk the fastest? Activated carbon or any other absorbent. This, of course, will not allow you to remain sober as a glass. But from a painful hangover relieve for sure. It is recommended to drink charcoal with water a couple of hours before the first glass and after a feast at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. To drink and not get sick with a hangover, take a new batch of absorbent the next morning. 

Enzymes rush to the rescue 

Enzymes are especially good if, in addition to alcohol, a hearty and long dinner awaits you

Another group of tablets in order not to get drunk - this enzyme, in particular pancreatin, and the like mezim preparations. They are especially good if the addition of alcohol you will find a rich and long dinner. Take them for an hour before you sit at the table, and the dilemma of how to drink without getting drunk quickly, can be avoided. Enzymes spur the digestive system, and it is easier to cope with the load.

Full sobriety

So, in order not to get drunk, you need to eat a sandwich with butter and caviar or a piece of fatty meat before the first toast

How not to get drunk from alcohol? Never drink on an empty stomach. Otherwise, drunkenness will fall on you suddenly and rapidly. Moreover, alcohol will stimulate the production of gastric juice, which is why the empty stomach will not be happy. So, in order not to get drunk, you need to eat a sandwich with butter and caviar or a slice of fatty meat before the first toast. Folk experts recommend drinking a raw egg. 

Snack is important

Do not neglect the snack

In order not to wonder what to drink, when it is bad with a hangover, you need to properly and moderately bite. For these purposes jelly, jellied fish and, oddly enough, marmalade are ideal. Shock doses of glycine in them bind toxins and expel them from the body. However, each drink requires an individual snack. So, roast pork is suitable for vodka, fruit and cheese are for wine and champagne, olives and dark chocolate are for martini.   

Living Water

Drink more water

Water, as is known, is the source of life. How does water help the body during intoxication? It reduces the concentration of alcohol and maintains water balance. Alcoholic juices like orange, grape or apple juice will soften. And no carbonated drinks, even harmless mineral water! Hissing bubbles accelerate the absorption of alcohol. That is why the morning is so hard, even from a couple of glasses of champagne. 

Sleep for salvation 

Good sleep will help to cope with a hangover

The primary problem of the coming year - how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home - can be solved in other ways. The most reliable method is to forget a deep sleep. But before that you should take a hangover pill with a new batch of enzymes and absorbents. If nausea comes up, you should close your eyes, lie down on a bed or a sofa, and lower your feet to the floor. The body will believe that you have taken a vertical position, and will allow you to sleep. 

Elixir of Life

Freshly made natural juices will also help to gain strength.

After awakening, another urgent task is to be solved: what to drink with a hangover? The method of "wedge wedge knock out" with all the popularity - not the most reasonable solution. Doctors recommend treating green tea, ideally with honey. Freshly made natural juices will also help gain strength. According to scientists, a glass of orange or tomato fresh juice can work wonders. Juices neutralize the remnants of alcohol and help to quickly recover. 

New day menu 

If the body is able to take food, then a homemade meat broth would be a great option.

What to drink after a hangover? The good old pickle is guaranteed to relieve unbridled thirst and fill the lack of salts. Only this should be cabbage brine, because it is he who contains succinic acid. A portion of the already familiar B vitamins will help, this time in the form of pharmacy capsules. If the body is able to accept food, then homemade meat broth is an excellent option. This will increase the level of potassium washed out by an order of magnitude.

Of course, the knowledge of what to do to not get drunk, do not help, if at all forget the sense of proportion. We wish you a successful New Year to meet and have fun from the heart. And let the next morning nothing darkens!

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