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How dishwasher Candy saved my marriage and nervous system

Experience in the use of household appliances Candy one of our wearer.

My family life went to pieces ever since the twins were born, and when you consider that I already had two children, one can imagine all the dimensions of the disaster.

The constant cries of children, piles of toys scattered around the rooms mixed with other things, eternal semi-finished products, dirty dishes and an everest of ironed clothes brought my husband into a state of insanity.

Actually, it all started with this damned tableware, because of which cockroaches appeared in our kitchen and one of them caught my husband’s eyes right on the dining table. I never saw my spouse so furious - he is metal thunder and lightning, I broke a couple of plates for balance, the twins screamed, and other children at this time pulled down the vacuum cleaner, taking advantage of the general turmoil. Of course, we reconciled at night, and the next day the loaders brought an impressive box with the name Candy CDI 5015.

When I saw my beautiful, you could not help crying - really I had a real Italian dish washer that will do for me, the most important duty of a married - do dishes? I left the twins in the arena and plunged into reading the instructions ...

I assure you, the novels of Agatha Christie faded next to the fun and the heating heart of reading matter! Just think - in my new dishwasher can wash 15 both sets of dishes, as well as each kit consists of 12 subjects, it appears that Candy placed 190 china pieces. Beauty! You can download it once a day, just before the arrival of the wife, as long as cockroaches quickly realized that they have no chance here.

After a test wash, my enthusiasm intensified - to think only, no smell of detergent (we still have children, and feeding them household chemicals is not in my plans) and a powerful saving of water (instead of one and a half liters per plate - ten liters for everything). I also liked the mobility of the baskets - their height can be adjusted depending on what kind of dishes I plan to wash, while the pots are different! And most importantly, the baskets do not roll out of the car, so for the kids I can be calm, although I can not say the same thing about CandyAs recently seen with a screwdriver and pliers eldest child, poking around in the back of the Italian art. Probably it would be a great designer. The main machine as explained to me in technical support, do not break down as well protected from children's experiments.

My husband came home from work, and everything in the kitchen glistens and the dishes, clean and absolutely dry (thanks to the turbo drying), pleases the eye and cheer up. I began to use the free time for cooking, and store-bought dumplings with cutlet sets are a thing of the past - instead, I conjure over home-made borscht and pies. And my favorite music is now a gentle rumbling Candy, Washing 15 place settings. Mozart rest!


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