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How to be beautiful for half an hour

New Year's vanity often takes the last forces: need to prepare the table, dress and entertain the children, make sure that the husband found a clean shirt and brought out of the store that you need, rather than what fell view ... Time itself does not remain, and both want to meet the main holiday of the year beautiful! About the dress you are sure to take care in advance, as well as the literally 20-30 minutes in order to bring the person says Natalya Makarenko.

First we need to wipe out all the tiredness, stress, grief and anxieties of the past year, which have settled fine wrinkles around the eyes and oval face was covered. If the sign "as the Year meet, so spend it" acts, the person must shine with freshness and a smile. How should I wash off the remnants of daytime makeup using the jelly and gel for washing. And then applied to the face mask.

Instant tightening effect has egg white. Divide the egg, separate the white from the yolk, whisk the protein and applied to the entire face, except the eye area. Protein tighten the facial contour, narrow the pores and gently whiten the skin.

If air conditioners, heaters and batteries, the skin became dry and began to peel off, it is necessary to moisten. Add to the protein 2 tablespoons of fatty cottage cheese, mix thoroughly and apply to the face. The face mask should be kept for about 10 minutes. While we are lying with a mask, so as not to waste time, we will refresh and make the skin around the eyes more elastic. To do this, put tea compresses on your eyes. Wadded discs are moistened in strong tea leaves - and in the eyes. Tannins made of tea will make the glow shine, narrow the vessels and "pull up" fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. After 10 minutes, remove the cotton wool discs, wash off the mask with warm water, then wash with cool water and wipe your face with ice cube - ice tones the skin perfectly.

Everything is now possible to start to make-up - For the evening it can be bright enough, but remember that Christmas night long, and make fast sailing and is stale. So instead of foundation on your face better cause fluid or tinting mousse, and in the eyes go concealer. On the inner corner of the upper eyelid plot the little white shadows - it visually "will open" the eyes and make eyes shining.

This year, at the peak of the Christmas fashion turquoise and blue arrows on the eyes. Good.Pass blue pencil on the upper and lower eyelid. Following on the upper eyelid, apply a lighter shade on the tone of a pencil and how to blend arrow. The outer corner of the eye, you can emphasize the darker blue shadows. Complete eye makeup blue ink. If your clothing is not gold, it is possible to touch the tips of the lashes with silver ink.

Now blush: Apply on the cheekbones a little clear or pale pink lip gloss. If you want to visually pull the bit face, much retract the cheeks and hollows, apply a thin layer of blush. They should be beige, on 1-2 shades darker powder, which you usually use. Blush "steal" the cheeks and make them aristocratic-sunken. Since we nakrasili eyes pretty much on the lips do not make extra emphasis. Delicate matte lipstick bodily or pale pink color balance the image, without overloading it.

Do not forget to put a few drops of your favorite perfume. Now you are ready to celebrate the New Year, and at the same time and hold it simply irresistible!




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