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As a technique to solve family disputes

"Test repairs sooner or later runs each. Last year, this event overtook us. Children that do not interfere with, sent to the grandmother, and themselves with her husband started the painful transformation of the apartment.

I managed to win with varying success in battles for choosing the color of the laminate, the pattern of wallpaper and other strategic decisions.

And now the turn came to the kitchen unit, for which we went to one of the furniture stores. A couple of hours we wandered between the rows of kitchens, meticulously criticizing each other's options. Finally, the magistrate in the person of the most patient and tactful sales assistant helped to find the desired compromise.

It remained to choose a built-in stove, or rather the cooking surface. The husband said that I did not understand anything about it, and that he would do everything himself. Although my "cook" to the stove is suitable only when there is a pan with meatballs. With a shrug, I went searching alone, knowing full well that I needed a gas hob Candy CPG 75 SQGX. I looked after her for a long time and knew for sure that this was the stove of my dreams.

Induction panels are also cool, I do not argue. I saw and even cooked on this (by the way, also Candy) from a friend. But I am accustomed to the good old classics. The model that I wanted, liked the separate grids. They are convenient to remove and wash, you can even download the dishwasher. Plus they are made of cast iron: durable, resistant to any temperature and heat evenly. The buttons on the panel are conveniently located, and she herself is smooth, without any seams - again, she washes easily and quickly. To cook with glitter, one cannot do without such a wonderful thing.

In bright colors I already imagined this stove in our new kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I found the cherished Candy, I found my husband next to her. He carefully examined the panel, talking animatedly with the seller, and nodded quite. For the first time ever, we made a decision unanimously.

The end of the repair was marked as if they broke the jackpot in the lottery. On this occasion, along with the good girl Candy, I prepared a festive dinner. At the same time she experienced in operation a burner with four rows of flame - this is specifically to cook dishes in the wok. After the first successful experience, I decided to continue to comprehend the subtleties of Eastern cooking. In addition, this ring is indispensable in the economy. With the unfortunate disconnection of hot water in the summer of torment will no longer be. On it you can heat up as much water as you like, and very quickly. And when I was cooking for the first time on a new stove, I discovered that if the fire suddenly goes out, the gas automatically stops flowing. In short, the technique with intelligence - with it is simple and convenient.

At dinner, we recalled the details of the renovation, laughed together and argued with my husband who was the first to choose our wonderful stove. And although I know the correct answer, by and large there is not much difference. After all, now we have Candy, thanks to which warmth and comfort in the house are provided ”. 

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