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Уход за кожей лица

How often, looking in the mirror, we see the imperfections of the skin and, horrified, in a hurry to disguise their decorative cosmetics or run in a beauty clinic. And then, and another - an extreme, avoidable if you regularly take care of the person.

Natalya Makarenko tells about the main rules of home care.


As soon as we celebrate 13-15 years, facial skin begins to deliver a lot of trouble. In her adolescence acne attack, then shine, or, conversely, excessive dryness and flaking. After thirty outlines first wrinkles. Pale appearance, redness, lethargy. Some deploy fight on all fronts, from the masks and gradually turning to massage thermonuclear chemical peels and Botox.

To avoid most of these problems, you need to properly care for the skin, then the costly services of beauticians you will not need a long time, the basic rules of a facial five.

Rule 1: facial care begins at night

No cosmetics, no domestic or professional, will not help if you do a little dreaming. Bags and circles under the eyes, early wrinkles and flabby loose skin - this is the first payment for lack of sleep. Not the biggest, of course, but still enough to give up the evening of excess chapter book, portions of favorite series and unfinished household chores in favor of a couple of extra hours of sleep.

Subtleties of care: skin affects not only the duration of sleep, but also its quality. In order to have a fresh new look, you need to sleep in a well ventilated area, and ideally on an orthopedic pillow. Well, or at least a not very large and flat, especially if you do not like to sleep curled up or stomach.

Rule 2: skin to breathe

In order for the skin to breathe, her, first of all, you need a good cleaning. In the morning and in the evening. Many do not understand why you need so much money to cleanse the skin - and lotion, and gel, and tonic ...

Lotion and gel purification needed for the evening. Milk is applied first to "melt" on the face of cosmetics and urban dust. After you rub the skin with milk, it is necessary to wash the gel that securely clean the face. If you do not do this, and immediately wash the gel, it will have quite actively rubbed his face. With this treatment the skin will soon become flabby, her early wrinkles appear.

Tonic needed in the morning to cleanse the skin after a night of sleep. After all, it is during this time that the most toxins and other wastes of our vital activity are excreted through the skin. 

Subtleties of care: it is very important to choose the means specifically for your skin type - dry, oily or mixed. Otherwise there is a danger to aggravate the problem. Dry skin starts to peel off, fat is even more shine, but to fuse and do something, and another simultaneously.

Rule 3: skin is thirsty

The skin should be moistened. Advertisement numerous face creams promises to nourish the skin with useful substances, to return to her resilience. But their main function - to nourish the skin with moisture, which it loses with the breath, and then, under the influence of wind, sun, frost, exhaust, cosmetics and many other factors. So it is necessary to apply moisturizer in the morning and evening, and during the day it is desirable to replenish the moisture reserves in the skin with the help of the thermal water.

Subtleties of care: Night cream should be applied at least half an hour before you go to bed, otherwise morning swelling and bags under the eyes can not be avoided.

Rule 4: skin needs cleaning

Like any cleaning, it requires regularity. In autumn and spring - every week, winter and summer at least once in two weeks, you need to use a facial scrub. Apply it to clean skin, gently massaging the face, then wash off with warm water.

Subtleties of care: Scrub can be prepared independently of ground coffee or honey (if you are not allergic to it) mixed with fatty cream until creamy state. Some prepare scrub cane sugar, but it is suitable only for the body, for the delicate skin of the face of such a scrub too traumatic.

Rule 5: skin to feed

The skin, like any other body essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals obtained from the fact that you eat. Still, it would be both useful and nice to get an additional power supply in the form of a mask. Masks should be done no less than once a week, applied to them depending on the composition of the 5-15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Subtleties of care: with the help of properly chosen mask for the face, you can correct many skin problems - to make it more elastic, narrow wide pores, refresh the color. Most of the masks you can prepare yourself, or if you do not have time, buy ready-made. The most important thing - to pick up a mask that matches your skin type and make sure that you are not allergic to any of its components.

Try to follow these simple rules regularly and soon notice that your skin has refreshed and smoothed gratefully, and you may not need a costly visit to a beautician for a long time! 

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