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Hand care in the home

They say that women's hands begin to issue the first age, so you need to take care of them very carefully and regularly, not sporadically. To learn how to do it at home, says Natalia Makarenko.

First you need to prepare the skin of the hands for the procedures for care. You can steam your hands in hot water, but it is better to prepare a mustard bath. It will help the pores to open, make the skin more susceptible to all useful substances. In a liter of hot water, dissolve a teaspoon of dry mustard in 1 and lower the hands on 1 2 minutes. After this, do not wipe your hands, but gently blot with a linen or gauze cloth. Do not pour out mustard water!

Now that the hands are warm, you need to remove dead cells from them using a scrub. Take ready or make it yourself: you can mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of ground coffee, or a teaspoon of the same coffee, but already with shower gel, or honey with sea salt, pre-ground in a coffee grinder - there are many options. Apply the composition to your hands, massage each brush for about 30 seconds, wash the scrub in mustard water and blot again.

We regularly do face masks, forgetting that they, too, will benefit their hands. 2 tablespoons of fat cottage cheese mix well with a tablespoon of olive oil (you can do it in a blender). It is good to add a drop of tea tree essential oil to the mask and 1 ‒ 2. But be careful, the essential oils are very concentrated, adding too much, you risk getting burned or earning allergies. Apply the mixture evenly with a thick layer on the hands and leave on the 15 minutes. Wash off the mask with warm water without soap. This mask is also very useful for elbows and knees - it will soften skin remarkably.

After you have removed the mask, take an orange stick and gently move the cuticle to the nail box. Now, when the hands are steamed and softened with oil, in order to bring the nails into a luxurious look, you can make a cropped manicure. But to cut steamed nails is not worth it, there is a risk to damage them, then you have to struggle for a long time with delamination. However, we'll talk about the secrets of home manicure, and now it's time to move on to the final stage.

Apply a moisturizer to your hands in the final step. It is ideal to do all the procedures before going to bed and after applying the cream all night long to wear linen gloves on your hands. But if you are not going to sleep, just let the cream soak, and gently blot the residue with a napkin.

All care procedures must be done regularly, at least 1 once a week. But it happens that you need to put your hands in order urgently, literally in one day. In this case, it is better to use the express method. Heat the olive oil to keep it warm. Wet canvas hand gloves well and put them on. If you don't have gloves, you can wet gauze and wrap your brushes with it. Pull rubber gloves (medical or household) on top and leave for at least 2 hours - during this time you can just have time to watch a movie! Then remove the gloves and wipe off the remaining oil with a tissue. Try not to get your hands wet for at least another hour.

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