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Taming of the Shrew appetite

How much effort would have made no adherents of different diets, appetite is not asleep. This insidious tempter tempts imperceptibly, slowly luring into the realm of gastronomic permissiveness. How not to fall into the tenacious paws of this animal and tame it once and for all?


How to outsmart your appetite?

If you want to eat - drink. This truth will tell you any nutritionist. Pure water without gas - the best you can give to the stomach, especially in the morning. A glass of boiled water for half an hour before breakfast finally wake up the body and "launch" digestive processes. Besides water dilutes the gastric juice, decreasing its acidity. In order not to feel constant hunger, a day to drink at least two liters of plain water, in addition to other beverages.

Remember, about 80% of food eaten per day should be for breakfast and lunch. Dinner should be devoted to vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products and other light dishes. If you notice a passion for gluttony, switch to fractional food. Eat 5-6 once a day, of course, in small portions and only low-calorie foods. Basic meals can be alternated with short snacks. For these purposes, a great apple, a raw carrot, a boiled egg, a piece of low-fat cheese or natural yogurt are great.

Another little trick - lay out the food in a small plate. This seems a large portion of the visual and ample to satisfy hunger. Eat slowly, carefully chewing each bite, savoring the taste of dishes. So the body will be satisfied and will not require a new portion. A further useful to resort to the wise advice of the French and to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. The feeling of satiety comes only after 20 minutes after the meal is finished. That it is not turned into a feeling of heaviness, the best time to stop and give up the supplement.

Stop eating in front of a TV, computer or reading books and magazines. The brain is distracted by all these entertaining processes, providing the perfect opportunity to grab the body of excess. In addition, researchers found that watching entertainment programming, combined with food intake, increases the volume of half eaten.


Rules hearty lunch

Some products can help effectively fight the growing appetite. The recognized champion in this discipline is cabbage, white cabbage or broccoli. These vegetables contain a minimum amount of calories, effectively break down fats, take up a lot of space in the stomach and are very slowly digested. Together, all this makes you forget about the feeling of hunger for a long time. Not bad coping with a similar task and zucchini. They are rich in magnesium and carotenoids, which promote better absorption of nutrients and weight loss. Be sure to include in the everyday menu beans, lentils or peas. Legumes stimulate the digestive processes, quickly and permanently saturate the body.

A lot of helpers in the fight against appetite can be found among the fruits. The most famous of them is pineapple. These juicy fruits are rich in vitamins and enzymes. The bromelin contained in them helps the body to effectively digest proteins, which will soothe the raging appetite for a long time. Grapefruit also boasts a large number of vitamins and minerals. It stimulates metabolism, positively affects the nervous system, perfectly satiates the body. In addition, the aroma of grapefruit, as well as of other citrus fruits, soothes nerves and humbles an irresistible desire to chew something tasty. To agree with the appetite will help figs. Thanks to glucose, these dried fruits quickly break down in the body and are absorbed without the formation of excess calories.

In the morning, load with sprouted wheat, oats or rye. Such breakfast is rich in cellulose and vitamins of group B. Together they do not allow fat to be stored where it is not necessary. And the cereals are digested for a long time, helping to hold out until lunch without additional snacks. At lunch, do not deny yourself soups on vegetable or low-fat meat broths. The main advantages of these dishes - a moderate content of calories and a long feeling of satiety. And for dinner you can eat a small piece of boiled meat. This portion of amino acids promotes effective fat burning and serves as a successful end of the day.


Appetite comes in the evening

The most insidious evening appetite, desperately requires a stay one's stomach. There are some proven recommendations, which will not allow him to get to the bait. The biggest mistake - neglect basic meals during the day and in the evening ruthlessly ravage refrigerator. In this case, a sleepless night with the severity of the stomach and other unpleasant sensations guaranteed.

Therefore, a fatty animal foods for dinner should be forgotten. Vegetables and fruit - the best evening menu possible. And in order to further bring down the appetite confused, drink half an hour before dinner, a glass of kefir. This blunt the feeling of hunger and desire to rush to the fridge in the middle of the night will not arise. If hunger repeatedly reminds himself after dinner, you can resort to dark chocolate. Break off pieces of tile two and slowly rassosite them - it will calm nerves and soothe your appetite.

An evening walk in a nearby park or courtyard can help you get away from thinking about food. Walk slowly, breathing deeply in fresh air, thinking about something pleasant. You can arrange a relaxing therapy from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a sea salt and essential oil bath with soothing music. Anxiety will dissolve in foamy waters along with an obsessive appetite. Brief exercises or fitness activities around sunset hours are encouraged. Exercise is the best way to get rid of bad thoughts, and simply keep your body in good shape. The main thing is to find a useful activity to your liking and spend the evening with benefit.

Following these simple guidelines, you can turn your appetite from the worst offender of your peace into a law-abiding companion. And at the same time establish healthy food and will always be in a good mood.  

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