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Sweet diet "for" and "against"

Slim mill and sweets - two incompatible things. This is sure the majority of people who have at least a remote idea about the principles of healthy eating. And the only true experts can tell that sugary diet - it's not fancy, but it is a weight loss system is working.


What is sweet diet?

Sweet diet does not mean that you need to eat only candy, cakes and cookies with a glass of sweet drinks or juices. Here, too, it is important to adhere to specific guidelines to comply with a balanced diet, but it is possible to indulge in a favorite treat. First of all, you need to adjust the strict diet: three to five meals a day, a modest portions and no snacking. If hunger still will secure to the wall, it is recommended to drink a cup of unsweetened tea or a glass of mineral water without gas.

Breakfast should be dense and varied - it is here that you can taste sweets. Of course, not cakes with pies, but something less caloric, like marshmallow, marmalade or oatmeal cookies. You can prepare a dietary charlotte with apples or curd casserole with dried fruits. Fresh fruit, fruit salads with light dressings and natural juices, prepared with their own hands, will also be good. The lion's share of dinner should be on proteins: boiled meat, low-fat fish or seafood. As a side dish, you can take any vegetables. But mayonnaise, burning spices and butter will be excluded from the diet. Dinner is low-calorie and moderate. In the evening hours you can eat fresh and boiled vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese and sour-milk products, all the same fresh fruit and salads from them. You can drink tea with a spoonful of honey.


Sweet marathon

Some sweets can be included in the menu of unloading days. The first to rejoice fans of chocolate, because their favorite delicacy is just on the authorized list. One option is a three-day mono-diet, during which you need to drink 4-5 cups of sweet cocoa every day on skim milk. In this case boiled and mineral water without gas can be drunk in unlimited quantities. In the second variant of the diet, it is allowed to eat a bit of bitter chocolate with a content of cocoa beans from 75%, without nuts, raisins and other additives. Of course, this amount of chocolate is evenly distributed throughout the day. It is not recommended to sit on such a diet for more than three days.

Autumn time with the first frosts does not quite have to eat ice cream. Meanwhile, this product is ideal for mono-diet. For a portion of your favorite milk sweetness, rich in calcium, you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this case, you need to choose cream ice cream without fillers and glaze, as well as preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. If you risk trying out some mono-diet on yourself, be sure to study possible side effects and get a doctor's approval. And at the same time get ready for the fact that the increased eating of the adored delicacy is fraught with the fact that it may well go into the category of the hated.



What is the use of sugary diets? The most important and obvious plus - an opportunity not to limit themselves in their favorite sweets, thereby avoiding stress, the risk of "break" and again destroying mountain forbidden products. Efficiency sweet diets found a lot of evidence. For three days unloading can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight. And for 5-6 weeks sweet diet in combination with other products, you can give up already with 10-12 kg.

However, most nutritionists speak out against such a diet, because it is not balanced and can lead to a metabolic disorder. So-called "fast" carbohydrates are absorbed by the body swiftly, charging it with energy and a feeling of wingedness. However, this condition passes as quickly as it comes. The body requires a new portion of sweet "fuel", and we rarely refuse it. In addition, for the processing of carbohydrates and lowering blood sugar in the blood, the pancreas begins to actively release insulin. Excessive and frequent loads can seriously exhaust it, which eventually leads to diabetes, and therefore, with your favorite sweets will have to say goodbye forever.

Of course, sugary diets, there are many contraindications. In diabetes, for which there can be no question. Such diets also strictly contraindicated for people with inflammation of the duodenum and pancreas, gastritis, colitis, and stomach ulcers. Chocolate and any of its derivatives are strictly prohibited for hypertensive patients, people with heart disease as well as renal and hepatic insufficiency. Hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to various food components - another significant reason to give up sugary diets.

It is important to note that the indestructible and constant craving for sweets shows some irregularities in the work of one or another system of the body. This may be a sign of the onset of diabetes of the second type, or stress, which has the potential to go into a depression. That's why you need to listen carefully to the needs of the organism before obediently satisfy them.

Anyway, before you buy goodies permitted and perching on a sweet diet, you need to weigh the "pros" and "cons." And as in any serious business without the help of a specialist is not enough.


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