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Electric fireplace ALEX BAUMAN - the perfect gift for the holiday!

In this age of rush, deadlines and traffic jams especially strongly felt calm and quiet deficit. The desire to escape from the bustle of visits us more often than before. That is why the demand for things that create a feeling of comfort, increases every year.


It is no secret that live fire amazingly attractive for our eyes: flame bewitching dance can be enjoyed endlessly. But it does not always have the opportunity to make a classic even a fireplace in a country house, and at the thought of having to bother with cleaning the ash and clean the chimney periodically desire to sit by the fire and sometimes disappears altogether. And so we would like by pressing just one button, to enjoy the magical atmosphere of home ...

For lovers of the contemplation of the fiery dance and appreciate the functional and stylish design in his apartment were created practical electric fireplaces. Modern electric fireplaces ALEX BAUMAN have a number of advantages over classical counterparts: aesthetic appeal, efficiency, security, ease of daily care. And most importantly, comfort is now activated via a single button! No smoke, soot, wood! Solid nice bonus: the flame, warmth, comfort, home gatherings around the fireplace, admiring the views of friends ...

Electrofireplaces very economical in terms of energy consumption. To work in a mode of illumination device will be enough 0,5 kW for heating room space 10 sq.m. It needs only 1 kW.

The range of the company ALEX BAUMAN - a large number of front-end, corner, universal and mounted fireplaces, performed in an exclusive design and to maximize efficient use of the area of ​​your room.

In a constructive manner electric fireplaces consist of two parts: a decorative portal and furnaces. Since functional fireplaces, many manufacturers are similar, in the center of attention - the design of the frame. If a real fire, it is not so important, then, for his skillful imitation it is extremely important element. It is this "frame" as a picture frame gives the whole design aesthetic completeness.

Thanks to the large selection of ALEX BAUMAN electric fireplaces, made in different styles, it is possible to decorate any interior. For example, Miami Beach Baroque with a large drawer for storage of items or a strict Venice with a frame in the early Renaissance style will adequately adorn a respectable classical living room, bedroom or study. Elegant Rimini organically fit into the interior in the style of art nouveau. They will find interesting home models and fans of hi-tech style: Urban Solo Stone, functional Kyoto will not leave you indifferent. And a small Joy can fit perfectly on your desk and keep you warm on long winter evenings ...

Ahead of the long-awaited and most magical holiday of the year! Treat your family and friends a wonderful gift that will remind you of the long winter evenings, warming his warmth, and summer nights, the room lighting a flame tongues. And unlike a traditional fireplace, electric simply plug into an outlet. So easy! Choose your own!


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