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About why doctors are so often advised to eat more cranberries, says Yakov Marshak.

Useful properties of the beaks are widely known: It contains a huge amount of vitamin C, vitamin P and has a powerful antioxidant effect that prevents the aging of the body.

As an antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory agent The cranberry has traditionally been used in folk medicine of both New and Old World. They used it for the treatment and prevention of kidney, bladder and urinary tract diseases. The therapeutic effect of cranberries was explained by the fact that it creates an increased acidity, thereby forming an unfriendly environment for the life of bacteria that have settled in the urinary system.

Studies of recent years have revealed the true mechanisms of the antimicrobial action of cranberries. It turned out that the bioflavonoids produced by this plant do not allow pathogenic organisms to attach to the cell wall of the human body. And this applies not only to microbes that infect the urinary system, but also those bacteria that form plaque on the teeth, then causing caries.

Therefore, if earlier in medicine, cranberries, combined with antibiotics, have been successfully used to treat pyelonephritis, cystitis and urethritis, now many doctors start using it for the prevention and treatment of caries.

In 2005, two Australian doctors Barry Marshall and Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize For what has been proven: gastric and 12-duodenal ulcer, tumors and stomach cancer are the results of a pathological process caused by the spread in the body of an infection called Helicobacter Pylori. It turned out that many people are infected with this bacterium and antibiotics can not fight it. But cranberries just can help: it prevents the attachment of bacteria to the walls of the stomach, and also deprives it of protection from acidity and energy to sustain life.

To all that has been said, it can be added that cranberries are a safe and delicious product that gives the food a piquant taste and aroma. Want to be young and healthy - eat more cranberries!

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