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Christmas tree on the wall. Master Class

New Year without a Christmas tree - not the New Year! What to do if you put it nowhere? It turns out that there is a solution: in every home or office there is a blank wall on which of the available materials you can build quite a cute Christmas tree! Find a suitable option for themselves on the Internet, or use the expanse of the advice of our designer Alice Ponizovskii - all Christmas trees for you it has made with his own hands!

Indeed, what if you want a Christmas tree, and a tiny apartment or office is no place for a large tree? Free wall - an ideal solution for trees: abandoning its traditional look, you get a real art object made with his own hands and causing excitement among friends! Created such a tree can be virtually anything that would be right at your fingertips - no restrictions on materials, and no height restrictions, it all depends on your imagination!

The easiest option - Tree of tinsel, it can be made of any color, for example to match your interior. You will need double-sided adhesive tape, it is better to take not a thin transparent one, but a dense white one - it keeps well on the wall and leaves no traces! When cutting off small sticky pieces, attach the tinsel to the wall, starting from the top, try to make the branches more or less symmetrical (you can draw the outline of the Christmas tree with a pencil in advance). 

If a fuzzy circuit you feel is not enough, you can dress up a Christmas tree! Using special hooks or unfolded stationery clips, hang a few Christmas tree decorations on the “branches” - they should be small and lightweight, otherwise the tinsel will come off the wall. 

Likewise, you can make a Christmas tree and garlands of glowingThe only difference - it is more convenient to attach a pushpin. First, make a loop on the wall of the buttons (if you are tight, use a small hammer or something heavy, that is at hand), and then pull the garland on the button. Reverse procedure in this case is excluded - if you attach itself garland buttons, you can damage the insulation and electricity to be trifled with! Now we light - magical!

Why not make a tree ... wood? Cut down trees in your yard? Ask to cut for you small thin circles! Tree cuts can also be purchased at florist shops. We attach a small loop of colored tape to each circle with a furniture stapler and place it on the wall with the help of buttons. 

This Christmas tree can be of any sizeif you managed to get very small rounders, you can even make it as a postcard and present it to someone of your friends or put it on the table in the office. Glue the cuts on the cardboard - this time it will be more convenient to use glue, the only thing is to do it in advance and put your souvenir under the press so that at the crucial moment nothing falls off! 

Mini Christmas tree on the card can be made of buttons - they are in almost every home, these treasures are not usually raised to be thrown away! Choose buttons that are convex and shiny, so that the Christmas tree is as elegant as possible, you can attach them with soft double-sided adhesive tape, or simply sew them to the cardboard - to be sure of the result! 

Beautiful Christmas tree can be cut out of paper - it does not have to be green, feel free to take any wrapping, for example, we used striped. Fold the paper vertically in half and cut the outline of one side of the tree, if in doubt about the result - first draw it with a ruler. Now we unfold and attach to the wall, you can use for this purpose small adhesive pads, and nothing will happen to your elegant wallpaper! It is possible to decorate such a Christmas tree with small toys or wooden saws already familiar to us. 


In general, in this case, absolutely suitable Lubaie items - The male part of our friendly team decided that the best decoration striped trees will be fan-scarf with Paolo Maldini! We certainly did not object - originalnenko happened!

And the next version of the general decided to do any nonsense: they took artificial flowers, took off their jewelry, asked the children to bring some Christmas tree beads and toys, including those made with their own hands, added something else that came to hand, and that's what an amazing and beautiful Christmas tree we got! 

Well, if you decide to spend the holidays in the country, you certainly will find two or three great rail left over from construction. You will need one long, for the trunk, and some more short ones. We, for example, have a long rake of 50 cm long, and we have small ones in this way: two (for the lower branches) in 30 cm, two (for medium branches) in 20 cm, and the rest - 10 cm (as much as enough racks!). If the house is wooden, the slats can be nailed to the wall with small studs, and if you have a steep repair at the dacha, then for sure there is a piece of plywood or drywall of the appropriate size that will not be a pity to use for art experiments. To the natural tree looked more impressive, we pasted the surface under the Christmas tree with the remnants of black wallpaper, and the branches were planted with brilliant paradise birds.

And another option - brutal, purely male tree from ordinary pieces of wood, matched in size and related maritime hub in the ladder. Set to fry kebabs? Quickly take the remaining unclaimed wood, the rope is coarser and knit just such beauty! 

It employs a paradox - the more unsightly and coarser material, the more unexpected and spectacular results! You can hang such an art object both inside the house and outside. The ladies wanted glamor - decorate your tree with beads or an electric garland, if, of course, there is a socket nearby!


Christmas tree on the wall - it is a great alternative to the traditional approach to Christmas decorations. Be creative Christmas tree with his hands, and let it creates a festive, magical mood for you and your loved ones!


Photo Karinы Nasiʙullinoj

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