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Allergy: treatment of cooking

Allergy - an insidious disease that causes a lot of suffering and fraught with dangerous complications. Defeating it once and for all is unlikely, but you can take preventive measures at all times.


swore enemies

Unfortunately, allergies are not always associated with the spring flowering of various plants. It can be caused by a genetic predisposition, environmental depressing, depression, goiter, an overdose of drugs and other factors. In addition, some products are carriers of allergens that cause painful reactions in sensitized individuals.

The forbidden list includes marine fish and seafood. Allergy to them is expressed in itching and redness of the skin, shortness of breath, suffocation and even anaphylactic shock. A violent allergic reaction can cause dairy products, cheese, eggs, various smoked foods and sausages. The strongest allergen is gluten, a complex protein found in cereals. His presence is dangerous because the body absorbs nutrients worse. Not recommended to allergy sufferers are some nuts, honey, mushrooms, as well as chocolate and coffee drinks. Very various fruits and berries, especially red or orange, are treacherous. I am glad that most of these allergens are destroyed during the heat treatment. But with raw fruits you need to be more careful.


Best friends

Among the products there are many allies of allergies. The first is to look for vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C, since it is the strongest natural antihistamine. They are rich in citrus fruits, kiwi, sweet peppers, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, greens. These products alleviate allergic reactions and relieve airway inflammation. Very useful for allergies and beta-carotene. Its full in carrots, spinach, potatoes, kale and pumpkin. Magnesium is another sure helper in the fight against allergies. It relaxes the muscle tissue of the bronchi, thereby clearing the airways. You need to look for magnesium in spinach, legumes, avocados, buckwheat, bananas and prunes. Quercetin has a strong antihistamine effect. This substance relieves inflammation and fights various allergic reactions. It can be used in the form of food additives or fresh fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, capers, apples, plums and grapefruits. Fatty omega-3 acids will also help overcome the symptoms of allergies. If you are not sensitive to the protein compounds present in fish, you can safely eat it in order to improve its health. However, fish can always be replaced with fish oil in capsules, as well as olive and linseed oil. 


The power of herbs

Of herbs and spices in your kitchen, you can find a useful application. Cinnamon, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, chilli and horseradish well remove edemas, and have a strong expectorant effect. Similarly, acts and garlic, which among other things is well clears the sinuses.

Do not forget about the various herbs and infusions that can significantly alleviate the suffering of allergies. And they are good as prevention. Chamomile infusion effectively handles these tasks. For its preparation 1 Art. l dried flowers brew in a glass of boiling water, heated for a couple for half an hour and take a tablespoon several times a day. It is very useful infusion of ashberry. Brewing 1 Art. l dry flowers in a glass of boiling water, they need to insist for 30 minutes, then immediately drink. Throughout the day, the procedure is repeated twice.    


The best weapon in the fight against allergies - a timely and proper prevention. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for you. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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