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Callanetics - plastic gymnastics for weight loss

Callanetics, the favorite gymnastics of American women, conquered Europe. This unique exercise system, which activates deeply located muscle groups, produces results bordering on miracles.

The results make themselves felt after a week of daily exercise. They will make the hips slim, will remove the stomach, lift the bust and relieve weight loss.

Knowing that most women do not like to do a lot, callanetics requires sessions one hour twice a week only in the infancy period, when it is necessary to lose weight. When you feel that the weight has decreased, it will be enough one hour a week - to maintain what has been achieved.

As soon as your figure comes closer to the desired ideal, you can devote only 15 minutes to callanetics, but (this is important!) Every day.

After 10 hours of exercise, you will be 10 years younger, according to Callan Pinkey, the author of gymnastics.

Exercises should be performed very accurately, adhering to the instructions. Do only what you can. Do not force the body to what it is not yet ready for. At the beginning of classes, rest often, breathing deeply.

Your class will help a large mirror in which you could watch for yourself.

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