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The eye, like an eagle, five useful products for vision

Eyes, as you know - the mirror of the soul. And a measure of the health of the whole organism. How to maintain good eyesight for years to come? What foods are good for the eyes? How to protect them from various diseases? We investigated together.

The world in orange

We all remember from childhood that carrots are good for vision. This fact is undeniable. This vegetable contains vitamin A and beta-carotene - the elements that improve visual function, protecting the eyes from night blindness and promote the growth of new cells. Besides orange root vegetable nourishes the eye tissue calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and other essential trace elements.

Doctors recommend eating raw carrots, as well as salads and fresh juices from them. But do not forget to add a little vegetable oil, sour cream or cream to them, since beta-carotene is absorbed by the body only in the presence of fat. Vitamin smoothies are especially relevant in spring and summer. Cut into slices carrots, an apple, a couple of celery stalks, season them with 2 tsp. chopped ginger root and 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice. Fill all the ingredients with 100 ml of heavy cream and beat with a blender - a healing cocktail for the eyes is ready.  

Witching Grass

Fresh spinach is preferable.

Among the eye products, improving vision, it takes pride of place spinach. It has antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which normalize the intraocular pressure and prevent the development of cataracts. Spinach in large quantities contains ascorbic acid strengthens blood vessels and improves circulation. Vitamin B2 fights inflammation and reduces eye sensitivity to light. It also helps to relieve fatigue and stress after a long workday.

Eat spinach most preferably fresh. A very positive effect on eyesight spinach salad with raisins. Wash bunch of spinach, cut the hard stalks and leaves parboiled. Fill with hot water 50 g raisins light on 15 minutes. Meanwhile, fry in oil, minced garlic cloves 3 3 and art. l. pine nuts. It now remains to combine all the ingredients and season them with salt and pepper.

Sea in the eyes

Due to the large amount of protein contained in fish, the tonus of the eye muscles and the elasticity of blood vessels increase

Ophthalmologists remind that products of animal origin are useful for eyes. The main one is marine fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod and herring. Omega-3 fatty acids are indispensable for good vision. They slow down age-related changes in the eyes, prevent the development of dry eye syndrome, and strengthen cell membranes. Due to the large amount of protein contained in fish, increases the tone of the eye muscles and the elasticity of blood vessels. And for those who experience prolonged intense eye strain, doctors recommend consuming fish oil. The optimal combination of vitamins A and D in it improves color perception and the ability to see in the dark. In order to feel the positive effect, you must eat fish at least twice a week. It is desirable to bake it in the oven or boil, adding fresh or stewed vegetables. 

Apricot epiphany

Apricots are rich in phosphorus and fiber, normalizing the blood circulation of the vessels of the eyes

Apricots are real products - vitamins for the eyes, which should be in the diet of everyone who is concerned about any problems with vision. First of all, they are useful for those who suffer from twilight vision, that is poorly seen in the dark. In addition, these fruits are full of different antioxidants. They are actively fighting free radicals, thereby preventing retinal degeneration. As recent studies have shown, regular use of apricots helps reduce the risk of developing cataracts by 40%. It is no wonder, in fact vitamin A in these fruits is more, than in any other fruit growing in our country. In addition, they are rich in phosphorus and fiber, normalizing the blood circulation of the vessels of the eyes. While a new crop of apricots is not ripe, they may well be replaced with dried apricots or apricots. Although the most valuable, of course, fresh fruit.

My blueberry eyes

Blueberries have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

Ophthalmologists unanimously recognize blueberries as the most useful product for retina. The main shock element of these berries is lutein. It is proved that with regular use, it improves visual acuity, nourishes and protects retinal tissues, and also prevents vision deterioration in the elderly. Another important element contained in blueberries is anthocyanins. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent their blockage. Due to this, oxygen and other nutrients come to our eyes in full. In addition, blueberries have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. All this wealth is available both in fresh and frozen blueberries, and even various jams and compotes. Healthy herbal teas can be made from dried berries. A solution of blueberry juice with water is recommended to bury in the eyes. 

Add these products to the diet, let your eyes rest more often and delight them with pleasant impressions. If you have your own proven tools for excellent vision, share them with all readers. 

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