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BB-kremami have long enjoyed 70% of women in Japan and about 50% - in Europe and in the Russian perfume retail shelves they appeared only in the last year. Latest mobile trends studied Irina Romanova.


"This is Katya!" Nodded the younger one to the older one. "It's Lisa!" - she said. I stood by the mirror in the children's room, entirely painted with croco-labyrinths. Crocodiles were softly peach-colored and smelled of powder. I handed the children a rag and told me to wipe everything off. Five minutes later the kids announced: "It's over!" "That's it," I said, removing a fairly empty tube. The mirror was smeared, and then my birthday present, my first BB-cream, was washed.

This cream - light, delicate, but with a good hiding power - I was looking for almost a lifetime. Back in school, I used to carry French cream powder from my mother’s cosmetic bag to cover up pimples, which made my face look like a pink porcelain mask, and later I tried a whole bunch of foundation creams from various companies. However, by the age of 30, I was tired of experimenting with tone: no matter how hard I tried, the makeup still floated by the end of the day, the pores of the skin were clogged. So, becoming a columnist for L'Officiel magazine, I just added a drop of concealer to my moisturizer, and when I had children, I stopped painting altogether. Meanwhile, circles appeared under my eyes - from too short nights, and it became clear that I needed to start looking again ...

And then came BB. Blemish Balm. Literally "balm of spots." German beautician Christine Shrammek drafted him back in 1967 year for patients who have undergone the procedure of deep exfoliation. Thanks to shea butter, panthenol and licorice root extract, which was a part of its composition, the cream soothed, restored and whitened damaged skin. The consistency of it was like a thick mask and was sold in pharmacies by prescription. Then, in 60's, Europe BB did not appreciate. But Japanese film actresses are very interested in them - in Asia, beauties are simply obliged to have smooth white skin. By the middle of 80's in Japan and South Korea, the production of BB creams was put on stream. The Japanese turned BB into a high-tech product, enriching it with antioxidants, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and sometimes even plant stem cells. The Europeans really liked this cream. “BB is perfect for a modern busy woman,” says Dr. Frederick Brandt, head of a well-known cosmetics company and Madonna’s personal doctor. - It moisturizes, rejuvenates, masks defects and protects against UV rays. This primer and base in one bottle. " 

Knowing that I was going to buy BB, My friends, well-versed in cosmetics, advised to choose just the Japanese creamBut it turned out that it is sold only in shops Japanese cosmetics. Because I do not like to buy cosmetics blindly, I went around several major perfume shops and tried to BB's largest luxury brands, but they have disappointed me: are available only in one or two colors, with skin tight mask fall, and cost about 2000 rubles. I stopped on the middle class and BB bought the cream, the inscription on that promise, that it hydrates, hides skin imperfections, improves the complexion, gives freshness and shine, protects against UV rays (SPF 30) and merges with the skin tone.

During the week after the purchase, I tested my BB... In the harshest conditions. It was a thirty-degree heat in Moscow. And I went to the gym and to the store, where I tried on white summer T-shirts. I painted the walls in the apartment. I went on a school trip in a stuffy school bus. She rehearsed a performance with children in the "Chinese Pilot" club.

What I liked: To measure liquid, BB-cream is easily distributed on the cheeks and a minute later merged the color of the skin; it really evens out the complexion, and the makeup looks natural; it moisturizes - weathered skin around the lips for a week became smooth.

What upset: the cream was somehow sticky. Firstly, in a couple of minutes after application, I had the feeling that my face was covered with a thin, tightly seated silicone mask. From that moment on, it was impossible to shade the color boundaries, that is, it is impossible to apply BB without a mirror. Secondly, it turned out to be difficult to wash off. The silicone included in its composition did not cleanse neither milk for makeup remover, nor foam for washing, nor ordinary toilet soap. They say that Japanese women wash off BB creams with hydrophilic oil, whipped into foam in a special bag. But I didn't have such cunning devices, and after washing, I wiped my face with medical alcohol. Tired of these manipulations, I put the cream on the shelf - until better times.

С BB I reconciled my husband suddenly. We had to go to a concert in honor of 50-anniversary of our friend - a rock musician, and I remembered my miracle cream. The concert brought together veterans of rock - bellied, gray-tails - and their fighting friends. All evening her husband curiously examined the ladies, many of whom were even younger than me. And when we came out of the club, he said: "You look fresh all of them." I was simply shocked - when I paint tone cream, he usually asks me if I fell ill with jaundice.

And I came to the conclusion that modern explosives - more resistant decorative cosmetics with mild medicinal properties, rather than cream for skin care with tinted effect. And use it every day, one probably should not, but it's what we need to go out and other important occasions. Try it for yourself!

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