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How to optimize your favorite kitchen?

My family and I have made sure that dirty dishes do not spoil the pleasure of dining together in our small, cozy kitchen. Finding a place for a dishwasher even in a small kitchen is not difficult at all!

- And yet she is ... small! - my husband and I said this at the same time, barely crossing the threshold of our new, still completely empty apartment. 

Now, when there was a lot of things in the house and each one had a specific place, we noticed that the four of us get along excellently, and our two sons of pogodkov easily find a space to play with friends. The apartment seemed to grow with our family. In addition to the kitchen - it unfortunately stopped in growth long ago, and the mountain of dirty plates habitually crawled from the sink onto the countertop after each family dinner.

The dishes in our family are washed by children, it is not surprising that they were the first to start talking about buying a dishwasher. I just put an obvious condition: to find a free place in the kitchen, which was packed to capacity. The boys hooked up the husband and he, grumbling for the decency about the need for repairs and the hassle associated with the installation, immediately found a solution:

“Look,” he said, “you keep in the cupboard the dishes that are constantly required for cooking. Why not keep it on the table?

“I can't, because dirty dishes are constantly being put on him,” I said.

“But all this can be put away in ...”

- Dishwasher - shouted joyful children.

The decision was taken.

This Saturday we went to the store and chose a dishwasher model, according to the calculations of the husband, ideal for our kitchen. Installing the car turned out to be surprisingly easy - it got right in place of one of the cabinets. Perhaps, I myself would have coped with its installation, if my husband and children, keen on new acquisitions, would let me have at least ten minutes to her. So my husband complained about unpleasant troubles completely in vain.

For a trial run home saved up a whole mountain of dirty dishes. Surprisingly, by following simple instructions, we were able to place it all in a space quite compact outside the car. Now we add the Finish-tool recommended by the manufacturer, click on the button and ... look forward to the completion of the wash cycle.

Just shine! Such clean dishes, forgive me children, we have never seen! She washed off the hopelessly burnt pan, the plates were shining, and the glasses (we noted our purchase) sparkled with a completely brilliant shine.

Not to say that the dishwasher has greatly changed our habits, but life has certainly become more interesting. Children, as before, quarrel about whose turn it is to wash the dishes - now everyone wants to load it into the dishwasher. I slowly master the vacant space of a suddenly large kitchen table, and our small, but such a large apartment has become even more comfortable!

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