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"Homemaking is a hobby for me. I remember how from childhood I was spinning in the kitchen and in the rest of my mother and grandmother always helped with pleasure. From them and took over all sorts of everyday wisdom.

So by the time when she herself had a family, she had every reason to consider herself an omniscient mistress.

And now I try to be aware of new products and useful pieces for the house, to support the qualification, so to speak. Recently I came across an article on the Internet that modern humanity is throwing food into the trash can in tons. I naively believed that the number of spender does not belong. But for the sake of interest I decided to calculate how many products I throw myself in a couple of weeks. Counted - and horrified. This despite the fact that I carefully verify how many and what products are needed, and without a list in the supermarket do not appear.

And then I became thoughtful ... But from sad thoughts they distracted vital matters - it was necessary to buy a new refrigerator. Having thoroughly studied the websites of home appliances and all sorts of forums, the choice was stopped on the Hotpoint refrigerator. Moreover, about a month ago, their new line, Day 1, appeared on sale. In light of my recent discoveries, she attracted my attention.

But first things first. The first innovation is the Total No Frost technology. This is not the main advantage, the priority is Active Oxygen, which is more perfect than the usual No Frost function. It allows you to keep the freshness of the products much longer, without the formation of ice and frost. The second curious development is the isolated box Ultra Fresh Crisper. A special regulator in it determines and maintains the optimum humidity level. In such a box it is very convenient to store fruits and vegetables. To ensure that they do not interfere with each other, it has a separator with an integrated Active Fresh Filter. It absorbs gaseous substances that are released by some fruits and vegetables and can spoil the others. By the way, this separator is mobile, therefore the capacity of the sections can be adjusted. And in the refrigerator there is an Active Oxygen 2.0 device, which saturates the air inside the chamber with ozone molecules, essentially prolonging the products life.

Most of all in the refrigerator department I like the zone "3 in 1". It allows you to use one space for three different purposes: safe defrosting, rapid cooling and storage of fresh products. So, the Safe Defrost mode helps to defrost the products properly, ideally preserving their structure and taste. With the Super Cool function, you do not need to cool, say, a pot of soup on the balcony, and none of the households accidentally gets into it. In addition, this function slows the formation of bacteria, from which the products sour faster. And the Chill Mode creates directional airflows and maintains the optimum temperature regime for storing meat and fish. Now you will not have to lament that something is wrong with their taste.

The main advantage of the freezer compartment is the practical Super Freeze + function, which reduces the freezing time by half. And then pure science begins. In the fibers of products, less microscopic ice particles are formed, which allows better preservation of the texture and useful properties of the products. And the better the products, the more useful and tasty the ready meals.

But most importantly, all these clever gadgets do work. It is proved in practice. In ten days, not a single product has been removed from the refrigerator to the trash can. And the cost of food for this time was less. So the new refrigerator is an unequivocally worthwhile purchase, which justifies itself by one hundred percent. "

Special Project Hotpoint

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