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«Cooking love more than anything else, and I'm absolutely not a burden. And much have no choice - home favorite and lives eternally hungry crowd, which need to be fed. To see them well-fed, happy and grateful person for me - the highest praise for all the righteous works.

In addition, friends often come to visit us, and you also need to take care of them, caress and feed them.  

It is logical that the stove spend a lot of free time and always something was floating, fry or boil. Feeding households three times a day on a schedule and a new menu every week. Plus on the weekends necessarily bake all sorts of biscuits, cakes, pechenyushki, rolls or muffins. Pets just love my branded bakery, and gladly devours everything for both cheeks. And I always want to indulge their sweet. In general, the smoke in the kitchen is a yoke, sometimes not breathe. But this is the cost of production, as they say.

And now summer in the yard, so that the joy of cooking less. Hood, of course, helps, but it does its job getting worse. So I set out to find her a worthy replacement. To this end, I went with a friend in a hypermarket of household appliances. And there we accidentally hit on the presentation of a new hood Candy SimplyFi. Drew that she built wi-fi available. About this, I confess, I heard for the first time.

With its help, the unit can be controlled from anywhere. But first, a special application is installed on a phone or tablet. Why is this needed? Well, for example, smoke appeared in the kitchen. If you are busy with an important business in the next room or not at home at all, an alert will instantly come to your phone. And the irreparable will not happen - all measures will be taken promptly. Or, for example, guests are on the way, and you urgently need to ventilate the air in the kitchen after shock culinary feats. With a slight movement of your hand, turn on the corresponding function - and you're done. The air is clean, fresh and pleasant again. The smart application will remind the most forgetful in time when the filter in the hood needs to be changed. I almost always remember this at the very last moment.

Another amusing feature is the remote inclusion of the backlight. Let's say you wanted to drink some water at night. We switched on the lighting in the kitchen in advance, and reached our destination without any adventures. A trifle, it would seem, but nice. To my husband, such an option is definitely not a hindrance. He usually until the little finger of his right foot does not count all the angles along the way, or he does not come to the cat once or twice, he will not calm down. By the way, the lighting at the hood is thought-out: it shines brightly, and consumes energy economically. And the device itself closely monitors the costs. To help the home accountant will send reports every month, if necessary.

In general, the acquisition is very worthwhile. To understand this, it is not necessary to be a specialist. So I ordered the Candy hood without shelving it. I can not wait, when a new intelligent assistant will appear in my kitchen. Indeed, a practical hostess cannot do without a good extract. ” 

Special project Candy and "Let's Eat at Home!"

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