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Home wonderful tradition of “maritime law” - who will wash the dishes after a dinner together - can become more pleasant if you entrust the dishes after the family lot to the dishwasher and Finish! Find out more about what discoveries and surprises for a modern woman are fraught with “the kitchen assistant.

  I remember when I was a child, we had a great tradition. In the evening we gathered with the whole family at the same table, had dinner, told the news, discussed something important. And when the meal ended, then we played out who will wash the dishes, according to the “sea law” - a tricky procedure, similar to lots.

But when I acquired my own family, the “sea law” changed the simple law of life, in other words, the duty to wash the dishes fell on my fragile shoulders.

Actually, it was not difficult for me. Habit, I did it on the machine. Wash yourself and think about your own. Half an hour and ready. Everything that I really do not like, I, as a modern advanced woman, have already automated: a washing machine washes,  

the food processor cuts and kneads, the car rolls and gets to work, the food processor cuts and kneads. But the thought of the dishwasher was born as a sequel - why I don’t even wash some little things from clothes by hand, but wash my dishes with my hands? Apparently, the matter is really in the habit, but if one wishes and realizes the scale of the issue, one can get rid of it, and in exchange, one can get a lot of things. So it happened when I discovered the Dishwasher.

So my discovery and acquisition of:

For example, the free time. It seems a little, but in a couple of days it takes up a whole hour, or even one and a half, at the sink. And you can do something useful and enjoyable. And all you need is to learn how to put the dishes not into the sink, but into the machine, put the detergent inside and press the "Start" button! 

For real squeaky clean dishes, washed out old pots and burnt pans. Dishwasher glasses are especially good. It was possible to achieve such a shine only after persistent rubbing and choosing a good napkin! And how convenient: the tool that has become a familiar assistant Finish - in tablets: you will not pour, you will not pour, you put as much as you need. The brilliant result is alwaysThat the main thing.

Or such an important thing as water saving. Counters - my new reality. The fee for the water after its uncontrolled use much costs a pretty penny. Dishwasher, to my great surprise, require water in times less than my "Rinse a couple of dishes for a quick"

Additional safety. Dishwasher detergents thoroughly washes during the cycle of persistent rinsing, to which I, I confess, did not always have enough patience.

In general, I got rid of the last conscious habit that bound my life with the life of their ancestors. We can now say that I 100% of the modern woman.

And, you know, I am very pleased to realize this.


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