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Weight loss: the simple solution

Say goodbye to excess weight once and for all - the dream of almost all women. And for the sake of achieving it, they are willing to endure the various diets, fasting and heroically give up your favorite goodies.

Unfortunately, this technique is ineffective. As practice shows, in 95% of cases, the lost kilograms are returned, and in double the volume. In addition, the alternation of rigid diets with bouts of gluttony causes irreparable harm to health. How to lose weight effectively, safely and permanently?

A balanced diet is much more effective in the long term than any diet. This diet contains all the nutrients the body needs. The third part is made up of animal and vegetable proteins in the form of meat, fish, dairy products and beans. At least 60% is assigned to slow carbohydrates - cereals, cereals and pasta. The rest is reserved for monounsaturated fats. But fresh vegetables, fruits and berries can be eaten without restrictions.

It is important to maintain water balance by drinking 1,5 – 2 liters of pure water per day. Water activates metabolic processes, promoting gradual weight loss. In addition, with its help, nutrients are delivered to all cells of the body, and food “garbage”, by contrast, is removed. By the way, regular cleansing from toxins and toxins is also an integral part of proper nutrition. To do this, it is recommended to arrange fasting days on foods high in fiber: apples, cabbage, celery, oats or rice. However, dairy products for cleansing no less effective.  

To maintain the desired weight, you need to follow the important principle: spend more energy than it consumes. Exercise plays a big role in this regard. And for this it is not necessary to torture yourself for hours in the gym. Exercise should be moderate, regular, and most importantly - consistent with the state of health. It can be morning exercises, walking, cycling, dancing. Water aerobics and swimming help to significantly reduce weight. Even a walking hour walk with a brisk step will benefit. Such exercises speed up the metabolism and keep the body in good shape.

Orsoten® Slim helps to achieve serious results in combination with the listed measures. Its active substance interacts with lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat molecules for further absorption. As a result of this interaction, the amount of digestible fats from food is reduced by about 25%. An energy deficit is created, which the body replenishes by burning existing reserves. The result is a gradual weight loss. The drug is recommended to be taken three times a day with meals or one hour after meals. If the dishes contain little or no fat, you can skip taking the drug.   

Combining Orsoten® Slim with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can lose weight without any risk to health and save the results for many years.  

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