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Anthony Burgess 'A Clockwork Orange'

Today, the "Bookshelf" novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess, released in the year 1962 and 1971 was filmed in Stanley Kubrick. In the story works London "take over" teenage gang for whom violence has become a sport.

The protagonist of the novel, Alex, also has a gang of teenagers like him. They speak their own slang called "Nadsat". This jargon was invented by Anthony Burgess himself, writing down some Russian words in Latin (during the development of the plot, the author was in Leningrad, this was reflected in the names of some places in the novel - Victory Park, Melody store, etc.), and nadsat - nothing more than a decimal prefix "-teen". Alex and his gang, dressed in extravagant costumes, wander around London every evening, get into fights with other gangs, attack passers-by, rob shops and even kill. For the murder, Alex goes to jail, where he agrees to experimental treatment in exchange for early release. The treatment consists of brainwashing, as a result of which even the thought of violence causes terrible pain, which leads him to attempt suicide. The book inspired more than one musical group to create songs, and some dedicated albums to it, for example, Sepultura and the Russian group B-2.


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