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NutriBullet - your guide to the world of healthy nutrition

NutriBullet - your guide to the world of healthy nutrition

It is known that a healthy and balanced diet - is the foundation of good health and longevity. No athletic training will not help you become healthier if you eat the wrong foods that you really need, and receive less vitamins and minerals.

But technology does not stand still, and NutriBullet was invented! Thanks to him, all the benefits are now available to you:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • green;
  • nuts.

NutriBullet - this is not a blender or juicer. This extractor of nutrients, which opens for you the maximum potential of natural food. Thanks to the special blades and patented technology, it breaks down food at the cellular level, extracting precious nutrients that are hidden in the skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables and inaccessible when chewing or usual processing ingredients.

Why NutriBullet is better than a blender

The secret is really healthy food - in phytonutrients that are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts. However, phytonutrients carefully "hidden" in the seeds and skins of many fruits and vegetables, and get to them is not so easy.

To get more vitamins and nutrients, many people use a blender. This is really a laudable attempt and help you eat better, but just an ordinary blender grinds the ingredients in a bowl, leaving a cake and a useful dietary fiber, you just throw away. But it is there and hidden phytonutrients - a storehouse of nutrients! This problem drew attention - then and appeared NutriBullet.

Nutriblasts - XNUMXst Century Cocktails

What exactly does NutriBullet and how it is so valuable? It makes nutriblasty - useful vitamins cocktails daily rate of essential vitamins and minerals. This is not the smoothies, and much more useful - the products are broken down so finely that you get all the phytonutrients from vegetables seeds, fruits or berries in the diet necessary for a useful volume. Not to mention the fact that the right nutriblast homogeneous, has a pleasant texture and delicious!

Thanks NutriBullet you can:

  • chop the watermelon with seeds, to discover the inexhaustible reserves of zinc and magnesium;
  • access to unsaturated omega-3 acids, proteins, antioxidants and blackberries after grinding seeds;
  • chop the broccoli and cabbage, to receive substances that prevent the development of cancer.

This is just an example of what you lose in normal chewing of these great products.

Who Should Use NutriBullet

  • Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.
  • Vegetarians.
  • Families where children do not like vegetables in the usual way.
  • Active people and athletes.
  • People with high cholesterol.
  • Those who need to recuperate from an illness and who need a nutrient-rich diet.

Stars have already rated it!

The well-known TV presenter Elena Flying appreciated extractor NutriBullet nutrients. That's what she thinks about this device:

"I would say that really recommend NutriBullet everything. If you have at home zavedetsya NutriBullet, you will be healthier, more beautiful and will smile as often as I do! In addition, you will become much more vigorously - do not assume that the energy is taken out of nowhere. The source of energy - it's just fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs. A NutriBullet help you draw this energy to the full. A healthy and proper diet can be delicious, and perfectly NutriBullet proves it. "

Also Elena shared with us your favorite recipe nutriblasta, which she called Pegas Nutriblast.


  • 1 slice of melon
  • 1 яблоко
  • 1 pear
  • lemon peel quarters
  • 1 handful of goji berries
  • water

“You don't have to cut everything into small pieces, because the NutriBullet can handle everything. We put the melon. Melon is low in calories, so with it you will have a good figure. Next is an apple. The apple is a source of iron. Then we put the pear. Pear is just delicious. Then add ¼ lemon zest, lemon is a great antioxidant. Next, put the goji berries - this is a source of energy. If not for them, I could not run so fast in all cities, fly and check so many hotels and restaurants. And of course, a little water. Water is generally the source of life. We twist the lid, turn it on, and after a few seconds you will see by the consistency that everything is ready. We unscrew the cover. That's it, the cocktail is ready! "

14 million satisfied customers

The main thing is that you get with NutriBullet, - is the key to a healthy and happy life. For more than 14 million satisfied customers appreciate the benefits of nutriblastov, we felt the growth of quality of life, improvement of health.

In the opinion of the lucky ones, many significantly increased energy level, the symptoms disappeared unpleasant diseases. Thanks nutriblastam people get rid of heartburn caused by poor diet, insomnia. Also, after the regular use of "health drinks" from NutriBullet many there was a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And children who do not like vegetables in the usual way, just love nutriblasty!

Nutriblast is not just a "healing emulsion", these are the most ordinary products that fully reveal their taste and give you the maximum of their beneficial qualities. Many have already tried and cannot stop. Perhaps it's your turn now?

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