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I want a dog!

Probably every child who has no pets, dreaming to get a dog or cat. This story even in children's literature is common. Our psychologist Vera Clear explains why children are so eager to have a pet.

The desire to have a pet usually occurs for a reason - it is often due to some fears or unfulfilled psychological needs of the child - loneliness, the need for friendship and understanding, the need for care and attention from adults (remember the Kid from Astrid Lindgren's story).

How do pets benefit children? First, the child expands his knowledge of the world and develops cognitive interest. Secondly, it reduces anxiety and increases a sense of security. Finally, if a child has his own animal, this is the best way to educate responsibility, while, of course, it is necessary that the child himself perform some feasible duties of caring for the pet.

Before you make a pet child, you ought to take a firm decision that can and want to do it. After all, an animal in a house is not only a big responsibility, but also a serious limitation: it is not so easy to leave to relax with the whole family, someone from family members may be allergic to animal fur. Therefore, you need to realistically assess your desires and opportunities.


What exactly should not do is start a baby animal "on time" while you are, for example, in the country. Of course, keeping an animal in the country is much easier than in a city apartment, but if you do not plan to take it home then you should not allow the child to tame the animal on such temporary grounds. First, it can create false expectations and illusions for the child, and then he will be disappointed - first of all, in adults. Secondly, it is useful for a child to know that he is “responsible for those whom he tamed”, and this situation will teach him the exact opposite, because an animal that is accustomed to attention and care from people may die.

How to explain to children why you do not start animals? The main thing - to be honest. If you do not want to start a pet for some important reasons, we need to openly discuss this problem (already 3-4, the children understand quite serious explanation). You can express your doubts and your child to think together to offer what I can do. If you do not start the animals are not for rational reasons, but simply because they feel hostility towards them or you do not want to mess with them, the child will understand it quickly, so it is fair to admit it.

It is important to remember that the child is entitled to their own desires and opinions, which are no less important than the desires and opinions of adults. Therefore, in any situation, you should try to find a compromise solution, for example, promise to take the animal later when the child grows up. If you keep a large animal at home hard, you can get a guinea pig, hamster or fish - they do not require much space, time and attention of adults. But the child learns to care for another creature and, more importantly, be responsible for it.

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