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Water as a norm of life

Only the lazy does not know that tap water in Moscow is unhealthy. What determines the purity of the water and what kind of water is better to drink, says Dr. Boris Akimov.

The purity of the water depends on the method of purification, the condition of the water supply network, as well as the season.: in the spring the water is of the most substandard quality - the reservoirs from which it comes for treatment are filled with dirty spring waters. Substances polluting tap water can be divided into inorganic (from rust to calcium ions Ca2 + and magnesium Mg2 +, which make water hard) and organic (residues of bacteria and viruses).

An independent examination believes that the filters used by the city water utility have too little resource, as a result of which water is not completely purified from active chlorine and typical organic pollutants. In addition, a filter that has been used for a long time to purify water itself becomes dirty and makes the water passed through it unusable.

As for microbes, by the time water is supplied to the water supply system, most of them have already been destroyed by chlorine.However, chlorination is not the most favorable way to disinfect water, ozonation is considered much healthier. When chlorinated, however, organochlorine substances are formed in water, which are harmful to health, and these substances are so small that household filters cannot retain them. At one time in Moscow, the water was so chlorinated that the smell of chlorine was clearly felt in it, and the skin itched after washing.

What are the real possibilities of household filters? Any filter, even the most expensive one, is a glass of charcoal through which water is passed (the gas mask is designed according to the same principle!), And it simply cannot make the water curative. Therefore, when manufacturers of household filters claim their magical properties, you should not believe them - all this is shameless advertising.

Of course, filters make the water cleaner, purifying the water from those contaminants that the city water utility could not cope with., including from active chlorine, which loses its activity in air. However, household filters can only purify water from inorganic contaminants, and not from organic matter - they cannot cope with microorganisms at all. Moreover, being clogged with dirt, for cleaning from which it is intended, the filter becomes hazardous to health, since microbes multiply in it. Therefore filters need to be changed regularly.

Do I need to buy a household filter? It depends on what you are going to use filtered tap water for. It is quite suitable for domestic needs, but I do not recommend drinking it. Just as I do not recommend re-boiling tap water for drinking - organochlorine substances are becoming more harmful to health.

For drinking, it is still better to buy bottled water. But here, too, everything is not so simple. The water must be artesian - with an indication on the label of the well from which the water was pumped. If the well is not indicated, it means that the water was taken from the water supply system, cleaned with technical filters and artificially mineralized (which is what large companies sin). Therefore, pay attention not to the bright label, but to what is written in small print. The truth is always there. And don't drink carbonated water. What could be better than pure water? Nothing!



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