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Water: five steps to health and longevity

Water - an invaluable gift of nature, without which life on the planet is unthinkable. It is an inexhaustible source of health, youth and beauty. Only need to learn to use them to their advantage.

All for health

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1 step: choose the right water

Life in the city, full of threats to health, and the general environmental situation leaves its mark on the quality of drinking water. Few people dare to drink water from the tap and experience the action of its chemical composition. Boiled water is largely useless for the body because losing almost all the valuable properties. One of the reasonable alternatives is bottled water.

Nestle® Pure Life® drinking water is an excellent choice in this regard. What's so special about her? First of all, the perfect combination of healthy macronutrients and a pleasant refreshing taste. The potassium contained in the water strengthens the heart and normalizes the acid-base balance. Magnesium tones up muscle tissue and relieves nervous excitement. Calcium improves the health of bones, teeth and nails. In addition, drinking water Nestle® Pure Life® serves as an additional source of essential minerals - an average of 150-170 mg per liter. It is great for a healthy diet. And even small children will like this water.

2 Step: Drink to Live

What do we know about water, except that the human body is 70% composed of it? We are able to live without food for several weeks, without water we will not last even 5 days. And therefore, even an insignificant deficiency of it can lead to malfunctions in the body. After all, it is water that delivers nutrients to organs and tissues. Water supports the functioning of the nervous system and heart, nourishes intervertebral discs and makes joints elastic. Water stimulates digestion and metabolic processes, increases immune defenses, and regulates body temperature. Water removes waste and toxins that accumulate in the body. And also water slows down the aging of cells, filling them with vital energy.

3 Step: Striving for Balance

In summer, our body loses water especially intensively. Therefore, it is important to replenish water resources as often as possible. Try to drink at least 1,5-2 liters of water a day, not counting juices, lemonades and other drinks. In summer, this volume should be increased to 2–2,5 liters. Spread it evenly throughout the day and drink water in small portions. Ideally, the water should be moderately chilled, but not ice cold. Freeze lemon slices and use them in place of ice. Hot drinks like green tea or black coffee without sugar are best quenched, though. Be sure to take a small bottle of water with you to work or walk and take 2-3 sips every hour.

4 Step: One Rule Rule

Water - the first ally of all those who want to lose weight and stay in shape. Of course, it does not burn fat and makes the waist slimmer. Its main function - to activate the digestive process and accelerate metabolism. Nutritionists constantly remind us regularly drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and 15-20 minutes before each meal. Water fills the stomach, and feeling of fullness comes earlier, preventing overeating beyond measure. In addition, it is proved that water helps to cope better with stress and emotional outbursts that are in the process of weight loss is inevitable.

5 Step: Exercise Wisely

For those who cannot imagine life without sports, water is also irreplaceable. Physical activity contributes to the rapid loss of fluid, and with it - of useful mineral salts. In one workout, a person loses up to 3-4% of fluid, while the critical indicator is 7%. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the water-salt balance immediately. To do this, it is recommended to drink a glass of water 1,5 hours before training and half a glass 15 minutes before it starts. During exercise, it is important to drink water every 20 minutes in small sips. And then - continue in the same mode until the feeling of thirst completely disappears. And of course, drink only high-quality, clean and tasty water.

By following these simple rules, you will always feel fresh, relaxed and in high spirits.


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