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In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that a person who has a lot of moles, protected from the evil eye. In the Middle Ages believed that the mole - the mark of the devil, and the people who they are, - wizards and witches.

In the XNUMXth century, it was believed that birthmarks are for happy love, according to legend, the goddess Venus was marked with them. What exactly are moles and why is it customary to remove them nowadays? Irina Romanova talked about this with Elena Vergun, a dermatologist at the Clinic for Active Longevity of the Beauty Institute on Arbat, Ph.D.

- Elena E. as still should treat birthmarks?

- The main thing that you should know: skin formation can be not only benign, but in some cases, malignant. We, beauticians, doing only benign. Their origin is different: warts and papillomas have a viral nature, angioma - a vascular formation, nevi - clusters of pigment cells, melanocytes, keratomas - age-related changes of the skin epithelium. Afraid birthmarks do not need, but people with a large number of them, or in the case of significant changes, we still recommend a dermatologist or seem Dermatooncology.

A large number - is how much?

- More 10-15 visible stains. It is especially important to get tested if these spots are located on the palms of the hands or feet. This prevention of melanoma.

- On what changes moles should pay attention to?

- For any - color, shape, a sharp increase in size or volume. Some people, for example, take a photo of a mole with a ruler attached to it and then track the size. Sometimes a person says that before he did not notice the mole, but now she suddenly began to interfere with him. Itch, ache, bleed. All this should be alarming.

- As a doctor examine a mole?

- We do dermatoscopy - a birthmark examine with a magnifying glass with a tenfold increase. And if you believe that it is necessary to delete, assign to the patient additional advice from Dermatooncology. In any case, we examine moles only visually! Biopsy we do not do, that is, tissue fragments from the mole does not pinch off. Moles in any case should not hurt!

- And if a person accidentally injured a birthmark?

- In this case it is necessary during the week to see a doctor and to remove it - lest there be nothing wrong. Usually we advise to keep all birthmarks, which are in places where they are easily hurt. For example, in the neck, underarm area, on the abdomen and lower back, groin.

- How is the removal procedure? What methods do you use?

- Warts we remove cryoablation using liquid nitrogen - a virus, causing them, is killed by the cold. Nevi and angioma - electrocoagulation, gradually, layer by layer, removing education. This method is less likely traumatic tissue and scarring after electrocoagulation remains.

- A laser? How often use it now in cosmetology?

- The laser - a powerful beam of heat that penetrates deep into the tissue. And the doctor, even putting all the parameters can accidentally go deeper, triggering the formation of keloid scars. After using such laser scars often remain.

- If after removing a mole scar still remains - a doctor's fault?

- Of course, we must be responsible for the result, because 80% of our patients to remove moles for the sake of beauty. But scar remains or not depends not only on the doctor, but also from the ability to regenerate tissues. So two weeks after removal of moles we examine the patient and, if there is a chance that the scar will remain, prescribe additional treatment.

- How is the healing process?

- After the doctor removed the mole, he covers this place a strong solution of potassium permanganate. You can apply an antiseptic and regenerating ointment, but we prefer the dry method. Potassium permanganate, on the one hand, provides additional chemical burn, which smooths the surface of tissues. On the other, it is in itself serves as an aseptic bandage, under which there is a healing process.

- And how long I will have to go to this crust?

- From five to fourteen days, depending on the depth of removal. Moreover, in different areas of the body tissue recovering at different rates. Where more small capillary vessels, such as the face, everything heals faster. On the legs and arms - slowly.

- Suppose a person has a mole. They do not bother him, and he does not want to remove them. How can he live with them right?

- First of all, do not hurt. Some people have moles grow hair. They can not pull out - it is considered a trauma. Hair can only be trimmed. And you need less sun. If the person still is a long time in the sun, it should use sunscreen. Moreover, the cream should be protected from long-wavelength ultraviolet light (UVA-rays). Typically, these creams are sold in pharmacies and are marked with the code PPD.

- While we were talking, I noticed that you also have birthmarks. Why you do not delete?

- Why did (laughs)? I remove them quite a lot. And those that remain - for the beauty!

For your information:

Remove moles at any age. Do it better in the fall and winter. In one procedure a few moles can be removed. A removal procedure lasts on average 5-10 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Price in Moscow clinics ranges from 200-300 rubles for the removal of papilloma or wart to 3000-8000 for the removal of nevus.

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