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It is hard to imagine a meal that would cost in Russia without the "little white", as it is often called vodka aficionados. Vodka is considered to be a clean and therefore useful drink, there are many recipes for the treatment of various diseases vodka ( "drank a glass, and everything vanished").

Dr. Boris Akimov talks about vodka-related myths and its true qualities.

Human response to alcohol in general and the individual in the various alcoholic drinks in particular - as the saying goes, to whom the watermelon, and who swine hryaschik! With all my love for wines, for example, I get the most pleasant sensations of intoxication from light beer. And this is not only a matter of taste and mood, but also of the biochemical processes of the body, which take place with the participation of the enzyme alcohol dihydrogenase. So, the reaction of an alcoholic's body to ethanol (wine alcohol) differs from the reaction of a person who drinks little - in fact, this is the tragedy of a drunkard who is unable to defeat his addiction.

Many spirits are useful. A glass of wine or a shot of hard liquor (brandy, whiskey, rum) - a great tool prevention of cardiac system diseases, besides they contain many substances necessary for our body, because they retain the mineral and even some vitamin composition of berries, fruit, grain, of which they are made.

Vodka - a special case, it is the only alcoholic beverage that contains only pure alcohol. Well, water to dilute ethanol in the proportion of 1: 3. The production of vodka requires minimal expenditure and imagination, but the abundance of varieties of vodka is amazing, some of them are more expensive than wines and cognacs, for the preparation of which you need considerable effort. At the same time, the ability of our compatriots to make a poor-quality product even from these two very simple ingredients is simply ineradicable - I still remember the terrible taste of vodka "Russian" for 3 ruble 62 pennies (hello to those who are nostalgic for the USSR!). Of course, alcohol, diluted in water, not so hot taste, as in the original, but it all depends on the purity of alcohol and water.

With two myths associated with vodka. One of them - that vodka is traditionally Russian drink. In fact, alcohol is first produced in the VI century Arab alchemists who sought the philosopher's stone, and in Russia it was brought Genoese in the XIV century under the name Aqua Vita - water of life. The word "vodka" Polish, until the end of the XIX century vodka in Russia called "bread wine", although the spirit of wine can be made from any organic product (in Russia it is a potato).

Another myth about vodka - is that her degree (ratio of alcohol to water) defined Mendeleev. In fact, not only vodka, but the majority of spirits are in 39-43 degree range. Dmitri Ivanovich studied various compounds of alcohol with water as a chemist and no recipes vodka was not.

Vodka in Russia is associated with alcoholism, and here it is, unfortunately, no longer a myth. Can I drink it? A matter of taste. It is a burning drink, giving in a combination with appetizers original sensations, and it is calculated on the fan, wishing basically to receive a fast intoxicating effect. Talk about such things as a harmonious flavor and a pleasant aftertaste of this product, we will not. In comparison with other alcoholic beverages, vodka has less preventive effect. But it does, because our body produces ethanol itself. The question is only in the amount of consumption, but with this in vodka lovers, as a rule, not everything is all right. As with health. Therefore, if you are planning a cozy family holiday, try as an alternative to vodka to put on the table and other spirits. After all, gustatory habits can change, but what if? ..

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