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Coffee is very popular all over the world, and while in Russia it takes the second place after tea, the coffee, ready to sell the soul for a cup of drink, we also have enough. Coffee drink hot and cold, are added to desserts and cosmetics - you can tell, it has become part of our lives.

Boris Akimov talks about how coffee got to Russia and its properties.

The first coffee house was opened in Russia under Peter I, According to historians, forced poivshim "bitter swill" of his entourage. However, there was coffee in Russia, a little earlier, when the father of Peter I Alexis. European merchants, zavezshie curiosity, recommended the coffee is not only a pleasant drink, but as a medicine, it is quite true.

Medicinal properties of coffee are associated primarily with caffeine, which was first obtained from tea leaves. Caffeine belongs to psychostimulants and respiratory stimulants and is used both independently and in combination with other drugs (for example, as part of Pentalgin, it enhances the effect of painkillers). So the princesses could successfully treat their migraines and bronchitis overseas drink! In addition, coffee is also a light anti-depressant. In addition to caffeine, it contains at least a dozen substances beneficial to our body. On a gloomy morning, I prefer a cup of coffee, but for athletes, if they participate in competitions and undergo doping control, they should not drink coffee, because caffeine is a powerful doping.  

The amount of coffee consumed individually. Voltaire drank 50 cups a day and lived for 83 years, at that time he was a super long-liver. And Catherine the Great, who was friends with the philosopher, drank coffee so strong that 1 pound of coffee was enough for her only for 4 cups. She also used coffee grounds: first for fortune telling (you can also use coffee beans), and then for cosmetic purposes: she cleaned the skin with thickened, mixed with soap. A coffee scrub is a good way to tone your skin, especially if you add honey and olive oil to it.

Yet, like any medicine, coffee may be hazardous to health. Caffeine, like nicotine constricts blood vessels, so it is particularly careful with coffee to be people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular and urogenital system. Diet Joseph Brodsky, who wanted to lose weight, made up of coffee and cigarettes. The great poet died of heart failure at the age of 55 years.

There are many varieties of coffee, as well as methods of its preparation. It all depends on individual taste and traditions. Coffee "Americano" appeared during the Second World War, when American soldiers began to dilute the unusually strong for their water European coffee, although coffee is always included in the diet of the American army. The Italians and the French are drinking coffee with sugar, Swiss and Belgian chocolate, Austrian cream, Mexican cinnamon, pepper Moroccans and Ethiopians with salt.

I have always preferred instant coffee (caffeine in it no less than brewed), a young man - with cognac, now - with sugar and milk. Strong coffee, I have never loved, put on a large mug incomplete teaspoon. And long ago I chose a variety with less caffeine and large - aromatics. I like the smell of coffee than flavor.

Bon kofepitiya!

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