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My oven: a love story

Everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so the art of seduction can not do without high-quality kitchen appliances, especially if you plan to drag a man ... yes, there - To the registrar.

For this reason, I decided to first change its old oven and gain His Majesty Candy - Italian multifunctional oven with useful options and an elegant design. Big fish can only be caught on a good bait!

The variety of models in the stores raised the mood, but I hesitated in choosing - I needed an oven that knows everything and is easy to operate at the same time. However, the choice did not take long, and soon the built-in oven Candy FXP 829X took its place of honor in the kitchen. Following the instructions, I tried to understand the nature and features of my new miracle technique, but there was no time for testing. Suddenly he called and said he was going to introduce me to his friends, but I do not need anything to cook, since I will not have time to work after, and I will not stop in the kitchen, we'll order Chinese food or pizza. I listened and silently nodded, and in my head I already made a menu: pork ribs grilled in spices with Argentine sauce, baked vegetables with herbs and onion pie. No restaurant pizza and sushi! This is an excellent occasion to show your loved one your love and culinary talent - and let the whole world wait!

I take time off from work in the afternoon and immediately ran to the grocery store and then home. All hope was Candy and impressive functionality. I hope my new oven, which already thawed pork ribs, I did not let you down!

While the meat was marinated in lemon-mustard sauce, I peeled potatoes, carrots and zucchini, prepared the onions and kneaded the dough. After loading the meat, vegetables and pie, I programmed the cooking process and went to clean myself up. When the ready signal sounded, I was in the shower and did not hear it, but the oven turned off by itself - an additional plus to its merits. And also in Candy there is a convection fan that provides uniform heating in six directions, which means that the cake will brown on all sides. Fiction!

The evening was a great success, because everyone ate my cooking with gusto, wondering how I have time, and a subtle hint of my favorite on how lucky he was.

... But he was really lucky - he became my husband and now every day he tastes the results of our culinary experiments with Candy. I never cease to be amazed at my oven, which works wonders and never gets tired!

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