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Refrigerator - man's best friend

Imagine the existence of a modern man without a refrigerator is simply impossible. In our home can not be a TV, carpet, Wi-Fi, but not a refrigerator. And not just a refrigerator! Out of use, loudly clattering and demanding a weekly defrost of grandmother "Zily" and "Minsk" quickly disappeared.

They were replaced by elegant refrigerators of the latest brands.

Thanks to the variety of these useful household units existing on the market, even a very picky and exacting buyer can choose the ideal model of a refrigerator that is ideally suited to him. What should I look for when choosing a new refrigerator? Start with the sizes.

Volume of refrigerating and freezing chambers Is the most important parameter. The larger the refrigerator, the more products can be stored in it. However, very few people make huge food supplies at home - this is simply irrational. But, of course, for a large family, a large refrigerator is an urgent need. It should be borne in mind that usually the volume of built-in models of refrigerators is slightly less than free-standing. 

ClaesWith power consumption - another significant parameter. After all, the refrigerator, unlike other household appliances, is constantly connected to the network. But if the refrigerator has an energy class of A + or even A ++, then you will not be able to go broke paying your electricity bills.

Noise level - also an important indicator. There are people who even like the quiet rumbling of the refrigerator. But our life is so full of various sounds that you should not aggravate the situation by acquiring a noisy model of the refrigerator. By the way, embedded models are much quieter. But on the stand-alone refrigerators placed more magnets. 

Smart interior design - the guarantee of the refrigerator owner's comfort. We are not talking about "beautiful things", but about the rationally planned space of the refrigerating and freezing chambers, the use of environmentally friendly and durable materials for the shelves and other pleasant bonuses such as the BioSafe zone or LED lighting of the chamber.

Needless to say, a modern refrigerator should be able to automatically defrost, do not form frost, and when the power is cut off, keep the temperature constant inside the camera as long as possible.

The listed parameters are a guarantee of comfort for the owner of the refrigerator and will ensure reliable operation of the unit for at least 10-15 years.

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