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Great find for a small apartment

“This sweet word freedom came into my life in the form of my own apartment. Let it be one-room, but the one and only. Goodbye, dear relatives! Hello, free life! The modest size of my personal nest did not in the least darken my joy.

I would not trade him for any five-star mansion. Even a tiny seven-meter kitchenette somehow immediately fell in love with me. Moreover, I am able to cook even in field conditions, it would be from what and for whom.

Although not really had time to settle down, she decided to call friends to a housewarming party. They, of course, not with empty hands showed up and brought me a gift Candy DUO 609 X. At first I did not even realize what it is. Friend explained to the benefit that is oven and dishwasher in one package, among other things, of French origin. Gift, I admit, was very helpful, because it inherited from the previous owners tiles broken on the first day.

One of his friends, and part-time technical genius, then helped establish the miracle machine. It turned out that it takes up very little space (just 60 cm in width and about 90 cm in height). Collective curiosity obliged to test the machine in action, not shelving them.

The oven is still not Narada, comfortable, spacious, with five modes, even the grill with convection there. Whatever you want, you can prepare - though hot sandwiches, although the meat with mushrooms in pots, although sweet tarts for tea.

Dishwasher I never was, but now I do not represent, as before without a detour. Most often I use short washing mode - very convenient and fast. Behind Candy does not leave any fat droplets or soap divorces, and even all carefully dried. I can only arrange the dishes on the shelves, and quietly enjoy. By the way, the dishwasher consumes electricity very modestly, even surprising.

Thanks to the gift of friends, it was possible very successfully to use valuable centimeters of space in the kitchen. And besides the oven with the dishwasher, I had a fridge, a built-in stove, a washing machine and a TV with a dining table. And of course, the design of the DUO is stylish, representative - the kitchen immediately changed. In general, even nothing to complain about. Thanks to Candy for taking part of the home routine and helping to set up my little communal paradise. ” 

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