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It is believed that hair and nails beauty depends on the amount of calcium in the body. Dr. Yakov Marshak says that this requires another truly magical trace element.

What determines the beauty of your hair and nails?

It is believed that hair and nails beauty depends on the amount of calcium in the body, however, it turns out, this requires a truly magical one trace mineral.

Perhaps you've noticed that your hair and nails begin to grow rapidly almost simultaneously? The fact is that for their growth requires an active synthesis of proteins. In all cells of the body, proteins are created on tiny intracellular "factories", called ribosomes. To synthesize a protein, the ribosome needs a matrix in which the structure of this protein is encoded. During the synthesis, the matrix is ​​used and then destroyed. Therefore, the faster the cell creates matrices, the more intense the protein will be synthesized on the ribosome. These matrices, called matrix RNA, are also formed in the cell. They are copies of the gene stored in the chromosome of the cell. Special enzymes, RNA synthetases, create matrix RNAs. The more matrix RNA is synthesized, the more ribosomes work and the more protein they produce. Thus, the basis of protein production is the activity of RNA synthetases. A feature of the structure of RNA synthetases is the presence of an element, without which these enzymes can not work. This zinc ion.

Researchers at Stanford University found that modern man with food get a limited amount of zinc ions. Slow growth of nails and hair - these are only visible processes that characterize the inadequate intake of zinc in the body. A very important and hidden process of intensive protein production occurs in the cells of our brain. Each nerve cell, in order to maintain its healthy existence, must produce proteins in quantities larger than all other cells in the body. Especially this process should be powerful when the brain is recovering from illness. With a variety of neuropathies (brain diseases), the body needs a significant additional influx of zinc.

However, zinc itself may not get through the barrier of the intestinal wall. He needs to find a "carrier" for himself, that is, to integrate into some small organic molecule that can pass through the intestinal barrier and go to the liver, the main chemical "factory" of our body with blood flow. There, in the liver, this carried zinc ion can be intercepted by hepatic proteins - metallothaneins. And they already in turn are obliged to build a zinc ion into the structures of the body that need it. Here and there are deviations. Metallothianine can pick up zinc, and can pick up, depending on which molecule it brought. A lot of marriage and "littering" is due to the discrepancy of the occasional bearer metallothaneine.

The new drug zinc gluconate, which investigated the Stanford researchers, was created on the basis of gluconic acid. This robust zinc media, hugging him gently moves through the barrier, and then gives metallotianeinu. And even in the case of an overdose, when a person eats too much zinc gluconate, and there is not enough metallotianeina to assimilate it, this special carrier carefully forwards it through the bloodstream to the kidneys for excretion, thus preventing excess zinc poisoning organism.

Clinical trials have shown that modern man should eat healthy food 15 mg of zinc gluconate per day, and during disease daily dose is increased to 50 mg. "Try it and you will notice that your hair and nails you will grow faster, and in addition will be high quality!" - So began a professor Meyer-Borisenko his lecture on the topic created in the laboratory of immunological research at Stanford University zinc gluconate.

Try it and you will evaluate the effect of this wonderful product that will take care of your health!


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