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IKEA awakened love of the visitors of Gorky Park

On the occasion of the release of the new catalog dedicated to the arrangement of bedrooms, IKEA company arranged in Gorky Park in Moscow celebration of awakening love of home and love of home. 21 072 heart filled with warmth and tenderness, as confirmed by their happy owners, who visited IKEA event.

Since 29 31 by August, in the last days of the summer, in the main park of the country reigned atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. On the waterfront park appeared installation IKEA "wakes LOVE" (Virtual tour you can go on the site Inspired by contemporary experimental art, authors of the project decided to create an interactive "Room awakening of love", in which the guests received a new visual and tactile sensations, felt a surge of strength and shown its most tender emotions. Give each other warmly visitors helped unusual ideas IKEA: Go through the maze of soft pillows, share a secret with someone in a huge closet, be tested for compatibility and synchronize the beating of hearts, find the desired flavor in one of the drawers in the "Chemistry of Love" station, see their reflection in a special mirror with memory.

After the souls unfolded unbuttoned, and hearts beat in unison, it was so easy and joyful to admit to each other in their feelings: one could not only say the cherished words to those who were nearby, but also record a video with his love message with the help of facial expressions And gestures. At the same time, unusual confessions did not disappear - they remained on numerous screens, creating a "mosaic of love" for all who visited the room. At the exit from the interactive room and family with children, and couples in love, and those who came alone with pleasure made photos that in real time appeared on a special "love counter" on the central balustrade of the park.

Six thematic interiors, interactive "Room awakening of love", a huge heart higher than 10 meters on the waterfront, six beds for photography placed throughout the park is a symbolic way of awakening the love of house and home. Guests were able to evaluate new solutions from the catalog page IKEA 2015 and design finds inspiration for his bedroom: to make the home more environmentally friendly, a dream - healthy and comfortable, and the interior - interesting for children, parents and functionality for the complete harmony for all.

Designer IKEA Ivan Nyrkov awakened love of home and shared ideas and tips for creating a comfortable and functional interior bedroom. Especially for those who do not get enough sleep, a sleep, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, MD Roman Buzunov held lectures about proper sleep and shared tips on how to sleep and wake up with love. About relations and harmony in the house could be heard at a seminar psychologist Arsen Vardanyan. He noted the importance of the situation, which collects and gives us the love by which we "breathe" and live in our house.

For the young guests of the holiday, a separate bright corner with children's furniture, soft toys, easels, kids was given the opportunity to model different scenes, whether it's a tea party in a circle of plush friends or school lessons with answers at the board. Animators prepared incendiary dances and involved children in them, and animated characters: bear FABLER BERN and broccoli gave their embraces and charged with smiles of all present.

Holiday decorations was the cover artist Milan Band, who performed popular hits about love.

"This year the main theme of the Catalogue IKEA love has become, and the main object - the bedroom - is the most important place in the house, where we fall asleep and wake up, recuperate for the next day and show warm feelings towards our loved ones. Throughout the year we intend to awaken love, for example, in Gorky Park, we tried to create an atmosphere that helped 21 hearts to awaken this wonderful feeling, all in all, the event was attended by 072 people! We hope that the new Catalog will inspire many to look at the bedroom in a new way and free up space and time in the home for the most important thing - love and care for loved ones, ”said Nicolas Johnsson, Head of Marketing, Retail Chain IKEA in Russia.

On August 31, the IKEA team stopped the "Counter" to joyful applause to find out how many of the park's guests were able to experience love during three days. 21 072 - exactly so many hearts were filled with warmth and tenderness, as confirmed by their happy owners who attended the event IKEA! More than 3 people visited the Love Awakening Room, which received guests almost around the clock!

It is also traditionally an event everyone could take a picture on the cover of the new catalog IKEA 2015. Anyone who was unable to do at the festival, will be the "face from the cover of" in any mall MEGA in Russia since August 28 12 October and participate in the contest "Become a main face of the cover!" On the website http: // IKEA .ru / cover.

Online Catalogs IKEA 2015 can be viewed on the website or using a special application for smartphones and tablets. By scanning certain pages in the printed Catalog, or by going to their digital counterparts, you can watch videos and circular panoramas of interiors, as well as learn the history of the creation of goods. And also, with the help of 3D and augmented reality, you can place the goods selected in the Catalog directly in your room! To access additional content, look for the catalog pages with a plus sign and scan them.


Company IKEA awakens love in us, that we share it with our loved ones.



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